Benefits of Writing and Reading

Benefits of English Reading & Writing


Reading and writing have been a part of human life for thousands of years. Reading and writing is essential for someone to communicate effectively; to feel and be healthier. By reading and writing, a person’s vocabulary expands and it makes it easier for someone to express their opinions. Instead of taking medication to relieve stress, reading books and writing can be a cure to stress and can decrease the chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Reading and writing should be fun but it is also an opportunity to learn new things. Taking some time out of the day dedicated to reading and writing are crucial to grow communications skills and feel healthier.


Reading and writing is important to the human race, it is how humans communicate and understand one another. The Sumerian language is the first language that was written down and now there are tons of written languages like Spanish and English. Writing and reading go hand in hand, without writing there would be no reading. It is important to spend time writing and reading because it comes with many advantages. Writing and reading is helpful for communication and has health benefits.


Reading and writing can help strengthen a person’s communications skills. Lana Winter-Hébert said that, vocabulary is an example of “use it or lose it” reading and writing will insure an individual vocabulary will grow and be maintained. A brain like a body needs to be taken care of, “Just like going for a jog exercises your cardiovascular system, reading regularly improves memory function by giving your brain a good work out (Wise).Writing and reading will help a person’s memory flourish and will help a person remember what they want to say to another (Desta).

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The many benefits of writing and reading.

If a person is having a horrendous or stressful day, reading or writing will be a great outlet to relieve stress. Journaling is a helpful way to deal with stress and can be a record for memories, even if they are not the best memories. “A major study in 2005 focusing on recovery from emotional trauma found that writing about traumatic feelings and experiences produced what the study called ‘significantly better physical and psychological outcomes’ for the people who did the writing” (Thorpe). Reading can lessen the chance of a human being from getting Alzheimer’s disease said Lauren Gelman. Dedicating a few minutes a day for reading and writing will be important for someone’s health.


Reading and writing has its benefits such as it helps develop a person’s ability to communicate and can be helpful for someone with health issues. Writing and reading will increase a person vocabulary which will influence their communication skills positively. To relax and decrease the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease read a book and write a bit. Every person should put aside a few minutes a day for reading or writing, it will be helpful in the long run. Reading and writing should not be something a person dreads; it can be enjoyable and it is also a way to learn.

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