suicide and depression

warning signs of depression and suicide

  • depression
  1. stop doing things they normally enjoy .
  2. stop caring about things and others.
  3. over eating or not eating at all.
  • suicidal-
  1. self harm
  2. thinks of death frequently
  3. says 'i wish i were dead'

symptoms of depression and signs of self harm.

  • symptoms of depression-

  1. not getting enough sleep 1. wearing long sleeves everyday
  2. can't concentrate 2. keeping sharp objects near them
  3. or even substance abuse. 3. has frequent 'accidents' and gets hurt often.
  • signs of self harm-
  1. wears long sleeves only
  2. keeps sharp objects near them
  3. has frequent accidents and gets hurt often

some recourses you can use if you are or know someone who is suicidal or depressed to find out more about it

If you know somebody depressed or suicidal don't stay quiet here are some things you can do to help-

  1. Talk to them
  2. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand them
  3. Talk to a doctor or therapist
  4. Go to a recovery clinic where they can get the medical care they need