OGES Tech Updates

April 2014

Technology News

  • The school year is flying by and there are so many fun things on the way. We still have a few weeks, though, to get in some new technology tools. If you have a lesson topic in mind, but you need help choosing a tool, please let me know. I love to try out new technology tools!! We can work around your schedule and make plans for you to come see me in the Main Lab, work in the 2nd lab, or use chromebooks or other devices in your classroom. For those of you in K-2, if there is a particular subject/topic that you would like me to address in the lab, I am always open to suggestions! Otherwise, I will continue to work off of your lesson plans.

  • Some exciting news: Our new chromebooks have started to arrive and the rest will hopefully be here soon!!! We will have have a better idea of classroom numbers once things get settled for next year.

Tech Tip -- Locking Your Computer Quickly

For security reasons, you should always "lock" or log off of your computer when you are out of the room. This tip will help you with a quick way to lock your computer when you have to step away from it for a few minutes. It will save you time because you won't have to log off and then back on again. Instead you can just "Lock" your computer while you're away from it.

To lock your computer press the Windows button (bottom left of your keyboard) and the letter "L" at the same time. If it worked, it will now say that it is locked and you must press ctrl+alt+delete to unlock it.

Looking for a kid-friendly dictionary online?

Here is one by Merriam-Webster! www.wordcentral.com

Chromebook Tips

Here are some tips that might come in handy!

1. How to right-click on a chromebook: Tap on the pad with two fingers and the right-click options will appear. (sometimes you might have to do it more than once)

2. How to quickly minimize a window: Press Ctrl+M

3. How to take a screenshot: To take a screenshot of the entire screen press the Ctrl key and the Switcher key at the same time:

4. How to turn Caps lock on and off quickly: Use the two keys shown below to quickly turn Caps Lock on and off:
5. How to quickly get to files you just downloaded: Press the Ctrl key + J

Want to learn more about Doctopus and Goobric?

Click here to go to a page with some great information or visit the OGES Wiki page for even more Doctopus resources!

Technology Rubrics

Do you need a rubric for a multimedia project or a place to go to create your own? Click here for some awesome resources!!!

Create a Graph

Click here to go to a great resource that will allow your students to quickly create bar, pie, line graphs and more!!