Venice, Italy

Caila Rice

airfare cost and schedule

Airfare cost: First class roundtrip from Denver, Co. to Venice, Italy: $3,139

Meals are estimated to $50. Total: $3,189

Schedule: I left Denver on April 25th at 3:39 pm and arrived in Venice, my destination, the next day at 3:25pm with two stops along the way and connecting flights(plan for a layover). On the way back I left Venice at 6:45am and arrived at 3:35pm the next day on May 9th with only one stop back. I then took private transportation(taxi)to my hotel.


I had a reservation in lagoon veiw suite at Hotel Danieli. Hotel Danieli is a beautiful, 5 star hotel with great reviews. Most rooms have wonderful glimpses of Venice. Also the rooms are picturesque and lavish. The ornamentations all over the hotel are very Roman Empire themed, but equally balanced with modern technologies such as air conditioning and flat screen tvs in most suites. The bathrooms are large and well made with marble of different hues. Such a beautiful hotel with great room service, I might add, was well worth the cost. The concierge were also very cooperative. I looked at and Expedia, both had the same pricing, which for the whole trip it's an overall price of $77,836.,a-Luxury-Collection-Hotel,Venice,Venice,Italy-c8997-h15052-details/2014-04-25/2014-05-09/2guests/expanded/#photos


Venice is full of beautiful history and culture to sight see. On the tour, my friend and I choose to do a manor of things for our itinerary. One of the places we went to was the Teatro la Fenice, which is a cinema and is again beautiful, and is wonderfully designed. I still remember the great performance we saw, it was as if I traveled back two hundred years! Another great place we visited was the Museo de Storia Naturale. This museum has many different exhibits such as fossils, animal array and other forms of nature. It is large, so it filled one of our days, fun mementos too. We just took public transportation this time. One memory I will always keep of that place is how strange some of the fossils look. The Palazzo Mocenigo was probably the most entertaining museum I have ever been inside. Everything in there clearly describes how life was like in Venice a very long time ago. As I walked behind the tour guide, looking at the old gowns and pictures, I found myself falling in love with Venetian culture even more.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem that occurs in houses in Venice is that the salt water which is in canals, it seeps into the bricks of buildings and ruins the interior of people's houses. The solution for this is constuction is under way, so people's houses are more pleasant to see. Also many people would think that many rodents especially water rats would occur, though this isn't always the case. If there are rats, you could simply buy a few mouse traps, or hire an exterminator if necessary.


In all, going to Venice was really fun, and I'd recommend visiting there to anyone. I had so much fun going to this beautiful ancient place where Italian culture seems to thrive. While on the trip I added the cost of my flight and hotel stay together: $81,025. I haven't added meal prices since people like to choose on there own but I have added the recommendations here in the flyer. I certainly hope that anyone who reads this gets to go on this brilliant experience.