Welcome to Earth Science!

Alyssa Kelly Period 7

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL Project is about building a new home for Tony Stark. We build our own designs with toothpicks, popsicle sticks, string and a stick of clay and the house had to stand 7 inches tall. The house we built had to survive earhquake activity. Our design was covered completely with popsicke sticks on the side and an X on each other side. It also had a straw roof and a base as clay. The mainpoints I learned during this project was that there are technologies that help buildings survive earthquakes with little damge.

30 Hands Project

The 30 Hands project is about the atomosphere and human activity. We use the 30 Hands app and Pic Collage to create a imformational project. The thing I learned from this project was that factories and industries create air pollution and water pollution. Some things I enjoyed about the project was making the Pic Collages because we got to have fun with it. Another thing I enjoyed about the project was recording because when you made a mistake you listen and hear something weird inthe background. The 30 Hands Project was super fun and I hope I can do it next year for seventh grade.
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Invention Convention

The Invention Convention is making or innovating a innovation or invention to help solve an enviormental problem. Jaida Ho and I are improving an innovation. Our innovation helps reduce the amount of bottles thrown away. Also, our innovation helps solve air pollution and water pollution by not using electric power instead we use solar power. Our innovation melts glass and plastic into a beautiful work of art. It can create flowers, dolphins, and containers like cups or pots.

Favorite Unit

My favorite unit was Plate Tectonics. This unit was my favorite because we got to do a fun experiment called methods of heat transfer lab. We could see convection, conduction and radiation. They were really cool and it taught me all lot about heat transfers. Also, we learned about the drifting contnients and how they were before continental drift. We also learned how they moved. Can you beileve that the Atlantic Coast of Brazil was connected to west Africa like a puzzle piece?! It's unbelieveable. That is why my favorite unit was Plate Tectonics