Leonardo Da Vinci

Biography of Da Vinci and his influence on the modern world

Changing the World no.1

Da Vinci influenced the world in many ways but the biggest way he influenced the world was with his inventions and detailed drawings of anatomy. His most famous drawing of anatomy is the ''Vitruvian Man'' which explains the proportion of a human. One of the preparations expressed in the Virtruvian Man is that your arm span is equal to your height. Today the Vitruvian man is a symbol of healthy living, used as a logo for many health and fitness company's.

Changing the world no.2

Some of Da Vinci's most simple inventions had some of the largest impacts on the world. One of these such inventions are scissors. Most of us, if not everyone has used scissors hundreds of times in their lifetime. These are just two of the many things Da Vinci did to influence the world. Including but not limited to the other things he did was draw prototypes for air vehicles, paint amazing paintings (such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper), invent the parachute, invent an automatic firing system for guns and much more.