The Holocaust

The rise of the human spirit in the face of destruction

Interview with Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief

The Holocaust Rescue Project

While the Holocaust resulted in one of the worst of human tragedies, it was fodder for the growth of the human spirit: Thousands of men and women RESCUERS demonstrated stong character traits and determination in their willingness to risk, sacrifice, use innovation, and share unconditionally with the Jewish population being driven from their homes. Their heroic efforts saved millions from their deaths and provided a lamp to light the Power of Tolerance in an intolerant world.


If the Holocaust was one of the greatest tragedies in human history, who were the greatest RESISTANCE WORKERS risking their own lives to save others? Who did they rescue, how did they do it, and which character traits did they reveal in their efforts? More importantly, for what reasons did they relinquish their own safety to insure the well-being of others?


Research Writing: Ravenscroft

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