The Liverpool Letter

Liverpool Public School - November 2020

Diary Dates

Term 4

  • NAIDOC Week - Sunday 8 November to Sunday 15 November 2020
  • Remembrance Day - Wednesday 11 November 2020 @ 11am
  • 2021 Kindergarten Transition to School - Tuesday 3 November, Tuesday 10 November, Tuesday 17 November and Tuesday 24 November @ 9:10am-10:10am or 9:20am - 10:20am
  • OC Placement Test - Wednesday 18 November 2020
  • Presentation Days - Monday 7 December 2020 (more information to come)
  • Semester 2 Reports sent home - Friday 11 December 2020
  • Year 6 Farewell - Tuesday 15 December 2020
  • Last day of Term 4 - Wednesday 16 December 2020

Welcome Kindergarten 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming the newest members of our community in 2021. Watch our video that shares with you some the things that make Liverpool Public School a great place to learn.

Kindergarten Transition to School 2021

Principal's Message

As we reach the middle of Term 4, it is great that there has been some further relaxing of restrictions related to Covid19. Our Year 6 students are excited that we will be able to go ahead with our Year 6 Farewell later this term. We will also be holding a modified presentation day so that we can celebrate student excellence in our school.

Whilst we are planning for these events, please remember that our existing procedures still remain and are most likely to continue until the end of the year. There are no changes to drop off or pick up arrangements and the requirements around flu-like symptoms and absences remain.

Please make sure that if your child is absent from school with flu-like symptoms either a negative Covid19 test or medical certificate is provided. Students are unable to return to class until one is received.

We recently celebrated World Teachers’ Day and I was again reminded, as I reflected on the great work of our staff at Liverpool Public School, what a wonderful team we have. Sadly we were unable to celebrate as a whole staff so instead a selection of goodies were given to all our teachers as recognition for the valuable role they play in our students’ lives. Thank you!

Planning for 2021 has already begun and part of this process is determining staff arrangements. Schools are allocated teachers based on the number of students enrolled. To help the planning process, if your family has plans to travel over the summer break or are moving to another area, please inform the school office as soon as possible.

A modified Kindergarten Transition has started for the newest members of our school community. If you or someone you know has not enrolled their child for Kindergarten in 2020, please ask them to visit the school office as soon as possible so that they may join our transition program.

Our new Strategic Improvement Plan is currently under development. We have been considering the implications of our recent external validation and where to focus our collective learning over the next four years. The Department of Education Strategic Plan has a goal that: Every student, every teacher, every leader and every school improves every year. The Strategic Improvement Plan is our way to make sure that we all improve and an opportunity for parent and carer input will be held later this term. For information visit School excellence and accountability.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Tapuska

The Leader in Me

This month we think about Habit 6 'Synergize'.

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Have you seen these notes and when are they due?

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From the Deputy Principals - Mrs Alfaro and Mrs Vajdevski

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to our November newsletter. Inside this edition there are lots of wonderful opportunities for you to see the magnificent work happening throughout our school from Kindergarten to Year 6.

It will be a busy few weeks ahead as we are finalising lots of things before the end of Term 4. Please ensure to stay up to date by following us on Facebook and have the Skoolbag app installed on your phone. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school and we can assist you.

World Teachers' Day

World Teachers’ Day was on Friday 30 October. This a wonderful opportunity to thank the great teachers that change students' lives every day. They are always incredible, but this year our teachers stepped even further into the spotlight and shone ever so greatly. World Teachers’ Day was our chance to say thank you for their wonderful work and dedication through what has been an extremely difficult year!

NAIDOC Week (8-15 November)

NAIDOC Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. The NAIDOC 2020 theme - Always Was, Always Will Be recognises that First Nations people have occupied and cared for this continent for over 65,000 years. Classes will be involved in activities throughout the week.

Remembrance Day

Originally known as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day commemorates the signing of the peace agreement that ended WW11 at 11am on 11 November 1918. Each year on this day Australians observe one minute’s silence at 11am, to remember and honour the memory of all those the men and women who served, are currently serving and those we have lost to the cause.

All classes at Liverpool PS will observe 1 minute silence on Wednesday 11 November at 11am. Lest We Forget.

Presentation Day

We are currently organising Presentation Day for 2020 and may look a little different this year. We will be sending home letters to families shortly notifying you that your child will be receiving an award. Please do not let your child know this information as we would like it to be a surprise.

Year 6 Farewell

The Year 6 Farewell is also being organised behind the scenes! Once again we will be having the farewell at Club Liverpool on Tuesday 15 November. To ensure we are following the NSW Health and Department of Education guidelines there will be certain restrictions in place. More information to come about this next week.

School Leaders for 2021

We have commenced the leadership process for the 2021 School Leaders. This is always an exciting time for many students, who believe they have what it takes to be our next school leaders. To be a school leader it is important to know that we are looking for 'Safe, Respectful Learners' who wear their full school uniform with pride, follow the school expectations and demonstrate the 7 Habits, are positive role models to all students, attend school both daily and on time and represent the school image positively.

Changes to the opportunity class placement process for 2020 Year 4 students

The test date is now Wednesday 18 November 2020. Placement in an opportunity class will be based solely on the results of the test to ensure the fair and consistent assessment of students across all schools and regions of NSW. Please continue to monitor the department’s website for the latest information relating to high potential students.

Semester 2 Reports

All staff are busy working on Semester 2 Reports which will be sent home at the end of week 9. This semester we are excited to announce that our reports will have a new look! The reports will still have information about what your child is learning, an effort and grade for all key learning areas in Years 1-6, additional programs, a general comment. Kindergarten will also have this information, except no overall grade for all key learning areas. These reports will be more detailed and parent friendly. The new information that is required to be in reports will be to inform parents of students with English as an additional language about how they are progressing with their English language proficiency. If you have any questions about reporting please do not hesitate to ask.

The Everyday Maths Hub

The Department of Education has officially launched the Everyday Maths Hub as part of the NSW Mathematics Strategy.

Mathematics is the foundation of problem-solving and reasoning, and I would encourage you all to make the make the most of the Everyday Maths Hub, an online platform that can help parents and carers engage their children in mathematics.

The hub features fun, interactive resources and explainers on a wide range of mathematic topics and how they are relevant to everyday life. This is the link to the Everyday Maths Hub.

Attendance Matters

Regular attendance helps students to:

  • develop a sense of belonging
  • develop and maintain friendships
  • be more engaged at school
  • progress with their learning
  • be more aware of career and life options.

Every day counts. Missing just one day a fortnight can amount to four weeks of lost learning over a year. Over their school life, this can equal one year of missed learning. The information below outlines responsibilities of parents/carers, students and schools with some very interesting figures regarding the impact of days and minutes lost.

Thanking you

Mrs Alfaro and Mrs Vajdevski

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Term 4 Overviews

Below are the Term 4 overviews for each grade to assist parents supporting learning at home.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2021 are now open.

If your child or someone you know has a child who turns 5 before 31 July 2021 and we are the local school, they can enrol at Liverpool Public School for Kindergarten 2021. Please contact the office to arrange a time to complete your Kindergarten enrolment.

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Early Stage 1 News - Mrs Pritchard

Welcome back to school. I hope that all the students enjoyed the holiday break and spent some quality time with their families.

It is hard to believe that we are already in Term 4 of the school year and that the students will be moving to Year 1 next year. This year has flown by!

A general reminder is that all students must have a school hat for recess and lunch times. If they do not have a school hat they must sit on the silver seats under the shade area. This is very important particularly coming up to the hotter summer months.

Last term we celebrated with a mufti/superhero day. The students participated in team building sports activities, with some of our Stage 3 students running the activities. The weather was beautiful and the students had a wonderful time.

Mrs Natalie Pritchard

Assistant Principal – Early Stage 1

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Our School Uniform

Please remember to label all students clothing and belongings with their full name.

Students are expected to wear the full school uniform each day at school. Below are the uniform expectations for the boys and girls of Liverpool Public School.

Boys uniform


  • Blue polo shirt with school emblem.
  • Grey Shorts (polyester / viscose). Blocker styles only.
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • Red jumper or zip jacket with school emblem.
  • Grey socks with sensible black shoes (no canvas) or black sport shoes. Shoes must have a lace, velco strap, buckle or zipper. No slip on shoes.

Girls uniform

  • Blue culottes.
  • Blue polo shirt with school emblem.
  • Red school hat with school emblem.
  • Red jumper or zip jacket with school emblem.
  • White socks with sensible black shoes (no canvas) or black sport shoes. Shoes must have a lace, velco strap, buckle or zipper. No slip on shoes.
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From the classroom - KE and Mrs Ellis

KE jointly constructed their own narrative ‘There’s a possum in our classroom’ based on the text ‘There’s a possum in the house’ by Kiersten Jensent. This is a recording of them reading their story off the interactive whiteboard. ​

KE Newsletter Update

Team Leader Awards

COVID-19 - Good Hygiene

The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is the same way you would protect yourself from catching flu or other respiratory illnesses. Remember there are simple steps to help stop the spread and good hygiene is in your hands. We have some pictures below to help stay safe during this time.

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Stage 1 News - Ms Vejzovic

Welcome to Term 4!

What a great start we have had with students in Year 1 and Year 2, filled with enthusiasm who are ready to learn.

Students in Years 1 and 2 have been writing persuasive texts for different audiences. Persuasive texts put forward an opinion and persuade a reader through use of evidence, construction of argument or point of view. Students in year 2 in particular have been editing each other’s work and providing feedback to each other. Students have reflected on their learning to develop an understanding of criteria to successfully complete their writing tasks.

Have a look at their wonderful teamwork.

Ms Vejzovic

Relieving Assistant Principal - Stage 1

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From the classroom - 1/2H and Miss Harrison

In 1/2H, we have been practicing our flexibility with numbers by partitioning 2-digit and 3-digit numbers in different ways!

We have partitioned numbers using standard and non-standard partitioning. Some of us even showed our numbers in more than two different ways!

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From the classroom - 2N and Ms Nguyen

2N students have been learning about the different purposes of writing and how authors get their message across. Students looked at informative text this semester.

Over a series of lessons students developed ideas, plans, write and published their work on google classroom.

They manipulated with various objects to help them visualise and understand about mathematical concepts and conducted science experiments to understand the forces of push and pull.

In 2N we always remember to try our best and we work hard to be safe, respectful learners and leaders.

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Stage 2 News - Mrs McDonald

Welcome back to Term 4, we hope everyone had a relaxing holiday.

Stage 2 are busy again testing theories in science and solving problems in mathematics. We use the 7 Habits Framework to work together.


Mrs McDonald

Assistant Principal - Stage 2

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LPS Central News

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see the attached document for ideas on 'How to pack a healthy lunch box'.

During this time of COVID19 restrictions, we are unable to connect with families as done in the past. Although we cannot meet face to face we are still able to assist families.

If you are experiencing difficulties during this time please feel free to call the school on 9602 7111 or email and ask for Mrs Evangelista the Community Liaison Officer.

Click on this link if you would like to play bingo with your family. Enjoy using your devices with the different activities in each box!

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Stage 3 News - Mrs Kirkness

Welcome back to Term 4. A kind reminder that the school expectation is that students wear their full school uniform each day. This includes wearing their school hats. Sports uniforms are worn on Fridays and sport shoes may be worn on the day students have Got Games.

Year 6 students look great in their year six shirts, which are only to be worn on a Monday.

The Selective High School Application process for entry in 2022 has opened. Applications are to be completed online at the link below. This year applications will be accepted from Tuesday, 13 October 2020 to Monday, 16 November 2020.

All applicants are required to sit the Selective High School Placement Test to be held on Thursday 11 March 2021. Please speak to your child’s class teacher should you have any enquiries.

The Year 6 Farewell will be held on 15 December 2020 at Club Liverpool. Further information will be sent home in week 5.

A kind reminder to Year 6 families. Please ensure forms sent from your child’s high school for 2021 are completed and returned to the high school as soon as possible with all required requested documents.

Diana Kirkness

Stage 3 Assistant Principal

ES1, Stage 1 and Stage 3 RFF - Mrs Coates and Ms Pomeroy

Early Stage 1

In science this semester, students in early stage one have been learning about living things and their needs. Over the term, students explored the playground to find living and non-living things. Students were then able to identify basic needs of living things.

Next, they investigated the differences between plants and animals and explained how living things give us food and clothes.

Stage 1 - Year 1

In geography this semester, Year 1 students have been learning about the natural and built features of different places. After looking at print and digital maps, students created their own maps.

They created a map of a natural place and then a built place - Liverpool Public School. Students enjoyed creating their map of the school as they were able to explore the local area using Google Earth.

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Stage 1 - Year 2

In geography this semester, Year 2 students have been learning about where Australia is in the world and places within Australia. Students used print and digital maps to locate the continents, oceans and hemispheres.

For the last few weeks, students have been investigating and exploring what makes a suburb. Students enjoyed working together to create a suburb of their own. In their suburbs, students included new street names and some of their favourite places such as a skate park, the shops and a water park.

Year 6

In geography this semester, Year 6 students have been exploring different features of countries in the Asian region. From their research students produced a tourism pamphlet on a selected Asian country.

In their pamphlets, students had to use persuasive devices such as slogans and exaggeration to persuade the reader to visit their country.

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Stage 1 RFF - Ms Ahmad

1N have been learning about materials and their properties during science lessons.

Students have been working collaboratively on different experiments to learn how materials can be combined and used for different purposes. Some highlights of our learning are making playdough by two different recipes and observing the difference, testing different materials and collecting data.

Students used their critical and creative thinking skills to design and build their rafts using a range of different materials.

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RFF Showcase of Learning - Mrs Kirkness, Mrs McDonald, Miss Vejzovic, Miss Dunlop and Mrs Pritchard

This semester we have had the opportunity to visit all of our grade classrooms to implement The Leader in Me lessons.

We have discussed the purpose of The Leader in Me with a specific focus on Habits 3 – ‘Put First Things First.’ Some of the concepts that were focussed on across all classrooms were:

  • Spending time on things that are the most important
  • Saying no to things that I should not do
  • Setting priorities, making a schedule and following a plan, and
  • How to be disciplined and organised

It has been lovely to see The Leader in Me across all classrooms and the students taking responsibility for their own behaviour and actions during learning time and when on the playground.

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Community Language - Arabic and Hindi

“With languages, you are at home anywhere.”- Edmund de Waal

Welcome back to Term 4!

The community language program continues to bring fun and excitement to learning. Last term our year 6 students explored ways to care for the environment and they designed artworks using upcycling. Our students are very excited to share pictures of their completed projects.

This term we are looking forward to deliver many other exciting learning experiences to help our students to be motivated and happy learners.

Mrs Sood & Mrs Elias

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Literacy & Numeracy Interventionist - Mr McIntosh, Ms Flood and Mrs Kairouz

This term students from Early Stage 1 have been practicing their addition skills.

They have been working very hard to make two groups with counters and add them together. This is important because it helps them understand the relationship between numbers and can be used to solve many different kinds of number problems.

Early Stage 1 have had lots of fun engaging in many different addition activities. Maths is fun!

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This term students from Stage 1 have been participating in reading activities building their knowledge of phonics and applying this to blend and read words.

This is important because it helps them to read unknown words when they are reading a text. They have been learning to read and write high frequency words to assist them to read fluently.

The students have engaged in drama, reading and performing plays, using expression to take on the role of a character

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This term students from Stage 2 and 3 have been participating in mathematics activities building their knowledge of place value in numbers.

This is important because it helps them understand the meaning of a number. It is important that students understand that whilst a digit can be the same, its value depends on where it is in the number.

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Learning and Support News (LaST)

Entering high school is an exciting time for both parents and children but it can also be a challenging and anxious time for many.

Here are some tips which can help parents and children prepare for the transition from primary school to high school.

  • Understanding that high school is different from primary school.
  • Moving from room to room- Students often will need to move from classroom to classroom (a few times a day).
  • Different teachers- Students will need to adapt to different teaching styles and teacher expectations.
  • School bag- Students will need to carry their bag around with them all day (some schools may have lockers for storage)
  • Timetable- students need to follow a timetable. Students should make several copies of their timetable as they may lose it! A copy placed on the fridge at home is a great idea!
  • Friendships- some students attend a high school with some of their primary friends and other students will make new friends at high school.
  • More work- students will be expected to complete more work and more assignments.
  • Organisation- a good tip for students is for them to pack their school bag the night before. Students will need to look at their timetable the night before to ensure they have packed the correct books/materials which they will need.

If you or your child need further information or would like to talk to someone at school about your child’s transition to high school please contact your child’s classroom teacher, Mrs Kirkness or Mrs Helweh

Mrs Helweh and Mr Elvidge

Learning and Support Teachers

Library News

Library Borrowing

Students are encouraged to bring their library bag on their class library day. Students in Kindergarten can borrow 1 book per week. Students in Year 1 or Year 2 can borrow up to 2 books per week and students in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 or Year 6 can borrow up to 3 books per week.

Listening to children read will make a difference to their reading journey. It is the happiness and love of sharing a good book on a nightly basis that sets the foundation for their reading success. Parents and carers who have any questions / queries on how they can help their child with reading at home can see their class teacher or Mr D’Cruz in the school library.

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The borrowing records for Term 3 - 2020 have continued to improve with 31% more books being borrowed compared to Term 3 - 2019 borrowing data. Keep it up girls and boys and we’ll see if we can continue to keep breaking our borrowing records.
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Most Popular Book to Borrow

The most popular book to borrow in our school library for Term 3 has been Aaron Blabey’s, The Bad Guys; Episode 11, Dawn of the Underload. Its was borrowed a total of 32 times.

Library Fruit and Veg Book Display

We would like to thank the Kindergarten students who helped with decorating our Fruit and Veg display wall with their artwork. This display was created to celebrate Fruit & Veg Month which runs during the last four weeks of Term 3.

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Choose Your Own Adventure Library Book Display

Visit our school library and head over to the Choose Your Own Adventure book display to read and borrow some of these amazing titles.

In a choose your own adventure book the reader is provided with a number of decisions that need to be made, each decision will lead the main character to different ending in the story.

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Junior Fiction Spot Light Author

The Junior Fiction Spot Light Author for November is Nick Bland. Head over to our school library’s Spot Light Author section to read books written by Nick Bland and learn a little bit about him.

Did you know Nick Bland was born on a farm and spent most of his early childhood climbing haystacks and making mischief at home.

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Library Stocktake

Our school will be conducting its annual Library stocktake from Monday 16 November 2020. This is where we count every book in our school library to see if we have all our books returned. To help us with the stocktake students will not be able to borrow books from Monday 16 November 2020 onwards.

If you have any library books at home start returning them so we can count it in our stocktake. There's a lot of work involved with returning and shelving books before we can actually stocktake. We are hoping to resolve all long-term overdue books by the end of this year, ready for a fresh start in 2021.

Sunrise Reading News

Congratulations to all the Kindergarten students who have been attending Liverpool Public School’s Sunrise Reading Program every Friday.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 students are encouraged to come to the library to read books and practise their camera words with Mrs Arapa or Mr D’Cruz on their allocated day.

Following recent advice received from NSW Health, Sunrise Reading will operate on particular days for certain grades.

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Scholastic Book Club

Book Club provides a fun and convenient way of bringing the best in children's literature into your home. It’s packed full of exciting books from best-selling authors, popular titles and series that kids love, as well as products and books that make perfect gifts for younger siblings who may not be at school yet.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Term 3 and Term 4 edition of book club by purchasing books. We received approximately $700 in rewards, which will be used to purchase some more popular books for students to borrow from the school library.

Term 4 completed book club orders are due to arrive at our school shortly so keep an eye for it.

When ordering from Book Club, you are not only helping your children, but you are also helping our school — 20% of your spend goes back to our school in valuable Scholastic Rewards, which are used to buy library books for the students to borrow. For more information about Scholastic and Book Club, visit

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Technology News

Adobe Creative Cloud

NSW Department of Education has teamed up with Adobe Creative Cloud to give students at Liverpool Public School FREE access to their favourite Adobe applications using their school email address. For more information click on the link below and watch the video.

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Kindergarten Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This term students in Kindergarten have been experiencing Liverpool Public School’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality STEM KIT. These kits allows students to immerse themselves in the content they are learning which is to do with Australia animals and Australian places.

The benefits of virtual reality are that it allows them to interact with each other as well as within a three-dimensional environment. Augmented reality is a cool new tool which students have also been utilising in the classroom to aid with their learning and understanding of Australia animals and Australian places.

The Kindergarten students have been using the knowledge gained from the three-dimensional environment provided by virtual reality and augmented reality to help with writing an amazing story.

Sports News

PSSA and Representative Sport

Due to Covid-19 placing restrictions on what all people and schools are currently allowed to do, PSSA and Representative Sport (Zone, Regional and State inclusive) are all cancelled for the remainder of Term 4.

At this current stage, Representative Sport will return in 2021 with all sports being offered again. If you have any questions about representative sport, please speak to Mr Wann through the front office.

Got Game News

Hey GotGamers,

Garry and the GotGame team here with another update. This has been an exciting term as we have been running our Rhythmic PE program for the first time. Our Rhythmic PE program is all about “movement to music”. Students have been involved in learning new movement patterns, understanding rhythm and expressing feelings while creating movements and sequences.

Participation has been outstanding throughout the term, most getting involved in all activities. From our active warm ups to all of the rhythmic games such as the heavily requested “Among Us”. We have all enjoyed providing students with the opportunity to create their own moves to add to the moves we have taught including my favorite the “Pickachu, I see you” and Danny’s favourite the “roll the dice”.

Student Shout-out’s: The following students have stood out for their engagement, creative movement skills and how well they are working with others:

  • Natali, B (KD)
  • Belinay, E (6K)
  • Rahma, K (1C)
  • Moayad, H (2V)

Class of the Week Prizes: Congratulations, the following classes will be receiving our GotGame prize ball for their continued outstanding efforts this term:

  • 4V
  • KD
  • 3/4S
  • 1S

Who's Got Game? Liverpool has Game!

From the GotGame Staff

Student School Travel

Does your child need a School Travel Pass for 2021?

Click on the link below to apply online.

Also see information attached below.

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Friends of Liverpool Postponed

We will be back soon! Until then stay safe!
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Liverpool Public School has an official Facebook page which is for the school to inform parents and carers of events going on each and everyday, as well as to positively promote the school within the community. You can locate us at:

'Like' us on Facebook by clicking on the like button.

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Update Skoolbag Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please ensure to have the latest Skoolbag app on your mobile phone or computer so that you receive all information necessary for your child or children.

It is important that you select the grade each of your children are in as specific information will be sent to grades. For example, 1V, 1S, 1K will be sent to Year 1 only.

Following the steps below will ensure your family stay connected and up to date with all the latest information.

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Become a School Crossing Supervisor!

Become a School Crossing Supervisor!

  • Keep our kids, parents and teachers safe on the road
  • Be a second pair of eyes for our local motorists
  • Earn an income and still have time to live your life to the fullest

School crossings require 22.5 hours of supervising per fortnight. Shifts fall between 8.00am –9.15am and 2.30pm – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday during the school term.

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