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September 6, 2018

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From Tim: Collaboration, Perseverance and Contemplation

Dear Families,

This week and the one prior, many Stanley students took to the wilds of Colorado for annual outdoor adventures. Our 3-4-5 students participated in a one-day excursion to Lair o’ the Bear State Park near Morrison, and the day’s activities included hiking, boat building, river exploration (vigorous wading), an art choice, outdoor games, and river ecology. The tradition draws a good deal of parent support and participation, and as always, we appreciate your help. The best part of the day for me is watching how naturally and eagerly our students take to exploring the outdoor world. Their fascination with wildlife, water, mud – anything related to the natural environment – opens up so many possibilities for them that we often miss as adults.

Just before the long weekend, our middle school students returned from homeroom-based camping trips, three-day journeys into remote areas of Colorado’s nature. The trips are a long-standing tradition, intentionally scheduled at the start of the year to further middle school community-building goals. It is common to witness older students offering to help younger ones with backpacks or giving advice about how to manage living without the comforts of home for 72 hours. The camping excursions also provide a great chance for middle schoolers to put some of our “7 Goals for Learners” into practice – particularly the ones dealing with collaboration and perseverance. Students work together to set up tents, produce meals, and create a workable camp environment, all in surroundings that for many are beyond comfort zones.

Though some middle schoolers laden with heavy backpacks may disagree, many research studies have shown that simply walking in nature relaxes the mind and allows for quite a contemplative opportunity. That seems to be an increasingly elusive commodity in the world we live in. Back on campus, I’ve noticed children, and teachers, take a quick walk around the path in the Betsy Lewis garden – a 20-second mental break from the day. I’ve tried it myself, and I have to say it’s quite refreshing. Do give it a try next time you’re by the Hambidge Commons on the way to or from the 3-8 side of campus!

All the best,



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