December Newsletter

Colby Grade School

Where does the time go? It is hard to believe it's December! We have some really fun things planned for end of the month. As we get closer to the winter season, please remember to send your student with warm gear for recess and traveling between buildings.

I absolutely LOVE the holiday season. I want to wish you all Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year. Hoping you all enjoy time with family and make some unforgettable memories!

Look What's Happening....

Dec. 1st- National Christmas Lights Day

Dec. 3rd- National Play Outside Day

Dec. 7th- National Letter Writing Day

Dec. 9th- Birthday Lunch

December & June Celebrations

Middle School Cafeteria

Dec. 16th Prime Time

3:30-5:30pm Auditorium- Grades K-4

Movie- TBA by student vote

Dec. 16th- Kindergarten Christmas Program

2:30 in classrooms

Dec. 16th- National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Dec. 19th- USD 315 Board Meeting

Board Room

Dec. 20th- Colby Theatre Prancer

Primary- Grades K-2 8:30 to 10:30

Intermediate- Grades 3-4 12:45-2:45

Dec. 21st- End of 2nd Quarter

Dec. 22nd through January 3rd- Winter Break

No School

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After School Program

News From Nurse Kayla

As we head into December, winter break is fast approaching. This break is a great time for you and your kiddos to spend time with friends and family as well as get some much-needed "R&R." Screens (phones, televisions, etc.) can be a part of this rest period for your child, but finding a healthy balance between screen time and activity is so important. This month we talk about some ways that you can manage screen time for your child.

Why it Matters:

Spending too much time looking at a screen can have some risks for your child. These include:

• Headaches, sore eyes, stiff neck

• Less time engaging in physical activities such as sports and playing with friends

• Risks to development of language and social skills

• Exposure to negative images or ideas online

What You Can Do:

It is not necessary or realistic to eliminate your child’s use of screens all together. However, here are some tips that you can use to help make your child’s screen time as beneficial as possible.

• Monitor what your child is using their screen for at all times .

• Establish consistent guidelines such as- “No phones after 5:00pm” or “1 hour of screen-free time after school.”

• Encourage your child to use interactive, educational, or creative programs.

Benefits of Screen Time:

Just because screen time comes with some risks doesn’t mean that it is all bad. In fact, screens can be a powerful tool for children. Benefits of screen time can include:

• Use of computers for homework

• Engaging with interactive learning programs

• Using screens to help learn new skills

It is important to note that every child is different. Many children rely on screens to facilitate their learning.

When it comes to screens, the most important and simple thing that you can do for your child is just to make sure that they are balancing their screen-time with fun and healthy activities such as riding bikes, playing outside with friends, or spending time with their families. Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season!

Nurse Kayla

Cafeteria Reminders....

We are a NUT FREE school.

No meals purchased at fast food outlets are to be consumed at mealtime in the cafeteria. If a food outlet items is brought to school it MUST NOT be brought to school in original containers.

Caffeinated beverages are NOT allowed in sack lunches or to be consumed in the cafeteria at any time.

Breakfast & Lunch Menus


Congratulations to our students and families! We raised a record amount this year with our fundraiser. We are excited for the opportunities for our school from the community's participation and generosity!

PRIME TIME- Showing Santa Paws 2

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Join us on Friday, December 16th!

Admission is $1 donation with all proceeds going to Grade School Projects.

Tickets must be purchased no later than Monday, December 12th.

Concessions will be available. All items are $1 each.

Please do not send more than $5 with your student for concessions.

All students will be picked up after the movie at the Auditorium doors on Grant Street.