Basic Applicant Search

Performing a Basic Search

District staff can locate a single individual whose identity is already known by performing a Basic Search. This feature may be used most commonly to identify current employees seeking to move to a different position in the district.
  1. Click the Applicant Search link on the TEAMS Home page to view the Basic Search tab.
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2. Select a Search By option and complete the fields specific to that option.
3. Click the Search button to view a list of results on the Search Results tab.

  • A check (✓) in the Criminal History column indicates the applicant passed a criminal background check.
  • Click the icon to display a view of the applicant’s certification information.
4. Click an applicant in the list of search results, then click the View Details button to view the Applicant Detail navigation bar with the selected tab.
5. Use the Applicant Detail navigation bar to view applicant details.

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6. Click the Return to Search Results button to return to the Search Results tab.