Singing In The Rain

The Musical

What is about?

before meeting the apspiring actress Cathy Seldon, the idol of cinema Don Lockwood thought he have all; fame, fortune ans succes. But, after knowing, realizes she foult in his life. With the start of the movies with songs, Don wants start the musicals with Kathy, but between both interposes the queen of the silent pictures: Lina Lamont

Movie Information

Year: 1952

Nationality: U.S.A, America

Director: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly

Music: Roger Edens

Choreography: Kelly & Donen


-Gene Kelly

-Donald O'Connor

-Debbie Reynolds

-Jean Hagen

-Millard Mitchell

-Cyd Charisse

-Douglas Fowley

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Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly was born in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), within a working class family on August 23, 1912. He studied for a film career.

A part of "Singing in the Rain" also made:

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I think this picture represents the film
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I have not seen at all, but the part that I saw I liked it because it's a fun movie, with dances and love.


The Tap Dance is an American dance style, in which the feet move rhythmically as a musical stomping is performed.

The tap is originated from the fusion of Irish clog dances, northern England and Scotland, combined with the dances performed by African Americans such as juba, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

In 1739, the black slaves using percussion instruments is prohibited. This motivated them to perform percussion with his feet and hands.

Royals Tap - feat. Natalie Weiss