Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 6~Sept. 28-Oct. 2nd ~

Kudos to you!

Thank you to our staff that participate in this past week's school visit. The Colorado administrators left inspired and impressed with the following:

1. level of rigor seen in the classrooms

2. engagement of students during academic discussions/content

3. impressed how the majority of the students shared with them that their favorite subjects were Math & Science

4. culture & climate of the classroom/school

5. Tours Service Team


Baseline Assessments

September 28th - K-5 Math 1 - Performance Task Opens

October 9th - K-5 Math 1 - Performance Task Closes

Writing Assessment

October 5 - K-5 Writing Opens

October 9 - K-5 Writing Closes

August 24th - October 2nd



1:1 data conferences

CELDT Testing Schedule...

CELDT Testing

Please fill out this testing schedule & let me know if you have any questions. Click on this link.

CELDT testing continues next week. We have a sub to help us and he and Morelia will be pulling from Grades 5, 4 and 3. We will try to send you an email before we start pulling kids from your class, but that will not always be possible.

Setting Reading Goals

Dear Colleagues,

In addition, I am requiring for ALL classes to set class &

K-2nd - EDL & DRA goals are acceptable, but SRI goals are HIGHLY encouraged.
3-5 - SRI & EDL/DRA goals are required for all class/individual.

As we are also concluding our EDL/DRA assessments, I also want to see that you begin setting your reading groups. More to come on this. We will have time during a Wednesday PD to get some of this work done.

I want to see that you have your class reading goal displayed in your classroom. ALL students must know their reading level & know their own independent reading goal.

Deadline: Friday, October 9th.

SBAC 2014-2015 Results

Dear Colleagues,

Click on the following links to view the SBAC results; you can also ask your grade level leads for more information on the results; they were discussed in during the ILT meeting.

The results are currently being mailed to the families of all current 4th & 5th graders.

A parent workshops is in the works to help families understand the results. More to come on these results!

~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

3 Year TRO

Greetings Staff,

As you know, I went to court on 9/25 in regards to the 2014-2015 repeated intruder on campus. The judge awarded the Manzanita Campus a 3-year Temporary Restraining Order.

If you see this young man on campus, please do not hesitate to inform the office staff immediately. The safety & well being of our students and staff is a top priority.

Thank you,


Community Assembly/Crew

Community Assembly Assignments: GROUP B

Queznel & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Tapia

Ferrus-Garcia & Garcia-Pena

Hudson & Davis

Crew Assignment: GROUP A

Udovic & Cato
Saleski & Nunez
Pastrana & Perrone


Gudiol & Zucker


TGDS/OETF Alternate Observers

Meet your alternate observers!

Emily Carrillo & Anne Perrone

Click here to see who is your alternate observer.


ATTENDANCE - 10% Chronic Absences for the month of September!

District-Wide Drill

Annual District-wide Drill on Oct. 15

As part of the Districts emergency preparedness work, every year on the 3rd Thursday of October, we conduct a district-wide drill with all of our schools and central offices. Join us on Oct. 15 at 10:15 a. m. for this great opportunity to practice and prepare for big earthquakes -- wherever you live, work, or travel.

Annual District-wide Drill Resource

Monday, September 28th

Continue w/CELDT 1:1

Daily Walk-Throughs - TGDS Scripting

Discuss Student Compact with homeroom class. - Due 10/2

-The documents are in your box.

The Cal Bears are coming to SEED; meet Kevin Parker!

Here is the schedule:

  • 12pm- Cal players Check-in
  • 12pm-12:45pm Cal players engages recess with students on the playground
  • 12:45-1:30pm- Cal players Q&A and autographs+photos.( At the turf field)

Tuesday, September 29th

CELDT 1:1 continues

Daily Walk-Throughs - TGDS Scripting

Discuss Student Compact with homeroom class.-Due 10/2

-The documents are in your box.

12:30-3:00 PM

Beatrice @ meeting w/supervisor - on campus

2:45 PM
New Teacher Mentor notes due

Click here to upload your notes.

5:30-7:30 PM
SSC Monthly Meeting Agenda:

I Introductions of new SSC members

II. Training of parliamentary procedures

III. Voting on monthly meeting dates/times

IV. Vote on LCAP representative

V. Pathway to Excellence date (combined with ILT) - determine date

Wednesday, Sept. 30th

CELDT 1:1 continues

Daily Walk-throughs - TGDS Scripting

Discuss Student Compact with homeroom class.-Due 10/2

-The documents are in your box.

1:45-3:45 PM
Data Dive, Illuminate Training, and Data Entry
Location: P5

No grade level collaboration this week.
Bring your chrome book.

On Wednesday, we will have the PD on:

1:45 -2:45 PM Creating groupings for reading instruction

2:45-3:45 PM Illuminate Training & Entering DRA/EDL scores in Illuminate

If you already have a form, or method for creating these groups bring that with you for work time. Otherwise we will provide you with a form you can use.

Thursday, Oct. 1st

CELDT 1:1 continues

Tooth Fairy Visit!

Discuss Student Compact with homeroom class. - Due 10/2

-The documents are in your box.

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Beatrice @ an ALL day Principal Meeting

Admin Designee: Wally Scott

Friday, Oct. 2nd

CELDT 1:1 continues

CELDT Initial Testing on Campus

Daily Walk-Throughs - TGDS Scripting

10:30-11:30 AM
Beatrice @ Monthly Meeting
Re: Monthly Art/BL Meeting

2:45 PM
Due: Student Compact Discussed & Returned Signed to Nancy

-The documents are in your box.

3:00-5:00 PM
ILT Monthly Meeting Agenda

1. Update on PD Calendar

2. Buy-Back Day

3. Continue Discussing SBAC Results

4. 11/17-Combined SSC/ILT Community Meeting

5. CIG Monthly Data Protocol

6. Teacher Leads Report Out

Need your help!

Emily is in need of a filing cabinet; if you have one that you can give away, she'd appreciate it tremendously.



Next Wednesday, October 7th, we will hold a combined PD with MCS to meet the mandated expectation to provide ALL teachers the SMARTe Goals PD.

1:45-2:30 PM

Grade Level Collaboration: Time to work on STIP sub Push-In

Schedule for Literacy Small Groups - TBD

2:30-3:45 PM


Location: Auditorium

Cal Bears are coming to SEED!

The Cal Bears are coming to SEED on Monday, September 28th.
Kevin Parker Mission: "To go out to the community, I tell my story to the kids,” K.P. says. “You know, I tell them to not ever run from anything, ask for help. It’s hard as a man to have that issue — reading and writing problems — and need to ask people for help. It’s tough — but, you know, it’s not worth it that you try to take your life over it.”

Here is the schedule:

  • 12pm- Cal players Check-in
  • 12pm-12:45pm Cal players engages recess with students on the playground
  • 12:45-1:30pm- Cal players Q&A and autographs+photos.( At the turf field)

Thank you Kevin Parker for making this happen.

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Profiling SEED in Innovative Public School Report

I wanted to share with you that SEED will be showcased in the upcoming report of Innovative Public Schools in Silicon Valley for building parent & community partnerships. We are one of 1/2 a dozen schools in the Bay Area highlighted as exemplars of world-class schools in the area of family engagement.

According to Peter Mcelroy, Research & Policy Manager, they did a thorough screen of the area schools.

The outcome of all this will be a website, created with both educators and parents in mind, which will provide both abstract principles and concrete examples of great schools in action.

Congratulations for your important role & your contributions to make this school stand out!

Recognizing SEED's Dual Language work!

The ELLMA office is presenting to principals on Thursday, October 1st and they would like to open by highlighting dual language schools and SEED was chosen! Congratulations!

Latino Literature Read-In

Superintendent Antwon Wilson & Mayor Schaaf and her staff will be visiting SEED on Thursday, October 8th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM to read to our students in honor our Latino Heritage Month.

We are looking for teachers that would like host the Superintendent, Mayor Schaff, and/or her staff in your classroom & read to your students.

Please let Nancy, Marisol, or me know at your earliest convenience so we can create a schedule.

Thank you!

Bay Area Teachers' Night at Wildcare

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 5-6pm

76 Albert Park Lane

San Rafael, CA

We would like to invite you (and two of your guests) and the teachers at your school to join us for WildCare’s Bay Area Teachers’ Night on Thursday October 8th. You will find the invitation with all of the details attached. RSVP is required by October 6th. Please help us to pass this invitation along to educators who may be interested in attending. We hope to see you there!

To RSVP, email with the name of your school and the name of your school and the first and last name of each guest attending.

Community Service, anyone?

Intergenerational Experience at Oakland Heights:

A neighborhood skilled nursing facility is interested in having some visits with children for their residents - a great community service project for our little ones and a great experience for the residents. They are especially interested in a Halloween parade to their facility with children in costumes. Interested? Please contact Nancy for further details. Thanks, Nancy!