Jaguar Journal

Week of October 8th

Important Events for the Week:

Monday, October 7th

Tuesday, October 8th

  • Fall Picture Day (please get your picture taken - these will be used for the yearbook)

  • 5th PLC

  • MTSS at 11:00

  • PBIS(in Hamilton’s Room)/DLT(in PLC room) /Sunshine(in Wheeler’s mobile unit 2) after dismissal

Wednesday, October 9th

  • Gendron, Evans, and Crankshaw at Spark Leaders all day

  • 4th PLC

  • 1st PLC

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Fire Prevention (see schedule)

  • EC PLC after dismissal in PLC room

  • Tutor Orientation in media center after dismissal

Thursday, October 10th

Friday, October 11th

  • Mandy at coaches’ meeting

Upcoming Dates:

Red Ribbon Week is Coming - Information for the week can be found here.

Achieve 3000/Smarty Ants Training: Monday, November 25th for all teachers K-2

and DL teachers in 3-5 during grade level PLC times. A schedule will be forthcoming.

Quarterly Collaborations are on the horizon! Please put these dates in Aesop now to ensure we have sub coverage.

5th Grade - October 14th (With the Friday Institute at Horton PLC Bldg)

4th Grade - October 22nd (With the Friday Institute at Horton PLC Bldg)

2nd Grade - October 25th (Horton PLC Bldg)

3rd Grade - October 28th (Horton PLC Bldg)

1st Grade - November 4th (Horton PLC Bldg

K - November 8th (Horton PLC Bldg)

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  • Boosterthon T Shirt Collection Form Here is the link to the google spreadsheet for the t-shirt sizes for Boosterthon Fun Run. Each teacher has their own tab and anyone you share the link with will have access to fill it out. We will need this completed by October 11th. Please ask the child quietly/make a guess for sizes needed for your class. This year's shirt will have the new jaguar.

  • Talent Show - If you are interested in forming a staff group for a song/dance during the talent show, please let a Sunshine committee member know asap!

  • Our School Improvement Team met this past week. Notes from the meeting are here. Please talk with your SLT representative if you have questions.

  • DESSA: Everyone should have received an email from the Evo Socio/Emotional Team or Aperture Education with your invitation to create your DESSA account. Please email Mandy if you have not yet received an email. Remember you can access DESSA through the link on our staff page under the counselor’s section: DESSA/Aperature Education Log In The window for completion is September 25-October 23. This includes enough time to complete the DESSA mini for all students and the DESSA full for those students who score in the range of "needs instruction". Darlene recommends trying to have the DESSA mini complete by October 9th (ish) so you have ample time to complete the full DESSA on appropriate students without feeling rushed. Dual Language teachers, you have the option to just complete your own homeroom, or both classes.

  • iReady BOY Diagnostic: Your BOY testing window for iReady ENDS October 11th. It is a district expectation that all classes in grades 1-5 complete the BOY iReady diagnostic. Kindergarten will complete the MOY diagnostic. We will dig into this data this year as PLCs. If you have a student who has a red or yellow flag with their diagnostic, it means they finished way too quickly. You can choose to reset the diagnostic, have a conversation with the student, and have them retake it. Here is a set of directions on how to reset the diagnostic courtesy of our AIG teacher, Kathryn Gendron! Here are some ways you can help talk about the iReady data and chart their growth with your students.

  • End of First Quarter - The end of the first quarter is fast approaching. The end of the first quarter is October 25th.

  • Save the Date:

  • November 1st

    • Conference Day - On November 1st, we will have a required workday that will be reserved for parent teacher conferences. Our PTA will be providing us lunch during the day.

    • ALL DAY TRAINING on Champs for the following: Evans, Ross, Trygar, Loftus, DePietro, Maul

    • ½ Day Training for Instructional Assistants & all specials teachers. One group will be trained in the am/one in the pm. I will let you know the details as soon as I learn more.

  • Halloween - is a half day this year. However, we will not be celebrating at school. We will be reminding students and parents that students and staff will not be dressing up and distracting from learning. We have several families that do not celebrate and will have plenty of time to celebrate outside of school hours. Thank you for helping us make Halloween a day of learning.

  • PTA Update - Our PTA is awesome and is working to support us with all our technology licensing needs!! Here is a link to a PTA Funding Letter. It includes a screen shot of the current balances for staff. *this does not reflect any PTA funds that have already been refunded or Scholastic Dollars that have already been spent. We will send an updated balance in the next week or two.

Duties for the Week:

AM Duty:
Early Bus/Cafe/Lobby: Trejio, K. Horton

Main Lobby/Hallway: Loftus

Intersection/MPR Lobby: Ross

4th/5th Hallway: Maul

Cars: Murray, Avila, Brooks, Parrish, DePietro, Rowland

PM Duty:

Bus Ramp: Trygar, Bland, Crankshaw

Late Bus: Trygar, Avila, Parrish, K. Horton, Brooks

Cars: Eiden, Brennan, Negroni, Landis, Exley, Sistrunk, Sportelli, Stohoviak, Sanzone-Team Leader, Loftus-Team Leader

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