Inside to Outside

Jose Canari

When I woke up, I didn't really wake up I was half asleep when my mom woke me up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. Mom got me and my brother Anibal a McDonald's sandwich to wake us up a little bit. We were going to spend the summer with my grandma while my mom has to go to New York, besides the ride was not long. But there was traffic so my mom had to go on the grass to go on the other road. We had to go to the other lane because someone had crashed because it was raining hard like an endless buckets of water were being dumped on you.

But we finally got to my granny's barn I panicked because I thought it was suppose to be a house in fact it was a dirty little hut, I yelled at my mom, "WHAT!!!, I thought it was suppose to be a house not a rackety old shack and besides there's not going to be any service." I was angry I didn't even know how many days I was suppose to stay here. By the time I got done unpacking my things and my brothers clothes and shoes it was already night. I had to sleep on the couch and my little brother sleeped with my grandma because, our bunk bed was not ready yet.

As soon as I wake up I start trying to get service and there wasn't any so I started playing a game that did not need any service. My grandma yells at me from outside," Jose come here and help me with the horses!" I yelled back at her," WHAT!, what horses" I went outside and she introduced me to Angel it was the name of the horse that was here's. My grandma said," Come here in side the barn I have a surprise for you. As soon as I go in I drop my phone, CRACK! I stood looking stupid like something had paralyzed me. I stared a the brown beast my grandma said," I am sorry I could not go to your birthday party so i'm giving you one of my horses" I hugged my grandma and said,"Thank You" and then my brother came out and said," What about me!" my grandma responded I something for you aswel, she gave him a baby pig that was 5 months old. A month later my mom starts coming back form New York she said she a little bit of turbulence so they had to make an unscheduled stop. But she coming in a few hours. Finally she gets here and we go back home and grandma called and she said she was going to come next summer.

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