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March 23, 2020

Principal's Blog

Dear Kincaid Families,

We sure do miss you! School life is not the same without our main ingredients; our students and staff and fantastic volunteers. Coyotes, we are going through these tough times together and we are here to support each other. Our employees have been working from home to avoid any social contact with one another. We are doing the best we can to listen to our leaders and trust that these decisions will protect those that we love. The latest news is that schools will be closed through May 1.

Just before spring break I was reminiscing about all the things we wrapped up during February and began to sketch out all the opportunities to come during fourth quarter. What we are experiencing now was unexpected and has impacted all of us. We are human and are sure to have an emotional response to our routines being interrupted. There may be concerns and anxiety about what happens next. We may worry about the potential impact on our vulnerable loved ones. Some of our families are experiencing uncertainty and job insecurity. We are saddened that we cannot be near our friends and loved ones and that our plans have been canceled. All these feelings are to be expected.

Our staff have been working on plans to support our students to the best we can. This week we have been learning new tools that can be used in an online delivery model. It is unusual for us to think of teaching without our students right in front of us. We are learning how to video conference with large groups and how to interact with one another in that type of setting. We are also learning how to use google classroom and other tools that are online to support our students.

You can expect to be hearing from your child's teacher this coming week. Teachers have been asked to provide resources this week. The resourced they are sending your way will be familiar to your child. At this time, all the activities that your teachers send to you are meant to be supplemental, to support you at home, and will not be meant for a grade. We will be working on a schedule this coming week so that possible online meetings can take place without overlapping with other grade levels. More information on that will be coming.

You can find links to ALL our classroom resources here: Learning Links

You can find links to ASD Educational Resources Here: Elementary Resources

Take care of each other. Know that we cannot wait for this to pass to see you once again. Be patient with us as we learn new methods for instruction.

While our office is closed, please email all employees that you need to reach at this time. They are working from home and would be happy to hear from you.


Wendy Zorea


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Library News

Greetings from Ms. Heather, your Librarian!

Hi Kincaid families! I know we’re all still figuring things out, but I wanted to let you know that you can reach out to me with any questions, including help using tech--I’m your librarian too! You can email me at I have also set up a Remind group for Kincaid Library that you can join and message me directly: or text @kincaidl to the number 81010 to get started.


Of course, I want your children to have access to free books. One immediate way this can happen (and germ free!) is to download the Sora App. Sora is free and gives students access to ebooks and audiobooks. The app can be downloaded to a phone or tablet, and it is also available through an internet browser (like Chrome) on a computer. Take a look at this quick overview video: Sora Video

Anchorage Public Library

The Anchorage Public Library (APL) is always a great resource for families. They have created an amazing resource page called What to do with kids during COVID-19. There are sections for online storytimes, learning at home, and APL-specific resources. Check it out!

If you need help, reach out through email or Remind. If your child has forgotten his/her password, I can also help with that.

Heather Tierney

Kincaid Teacher Librarian

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Music: Ms. Lang

Music Class During Covid-19 What a whirlwind! I know what you’re all thinking….”How do we have music class without going to school!!” Well, I’m glad you asked :). Remember that website I have been telling you about? That is how you can experience supplementary music activities at home! Quite frankly….I am not a very good web master and this is a huge learning curve for me. But gradually, I will be adding more and more activities.

Right now, I’m excited to announce that Quavermusic has graciously offered some of their online material for FREE! We do have an account with them, but it did not include student access. I am attempting to get this all set up on the website so you can engage in the music activities and games available from the student portal. Additionally, this portal includes numerous simple recorder songs and instruction for our 4th graders who should easily be able to perform little ditties WITH ACCOMPANIMENT (remember to count the measures of rests).

Choir members! It took an entire afternoon…but we figured out how to get those Soprano and Alto parts on the website!!! If you don’t have a CD…you will now be able to hear your parts online. Rememeber, once you learn your parts….you can access the full performance recordings on if you type in your titles into the search. I’ll work on including that link today.

Now, no one knows what is going to happen with the closure…but you can still engage in music learning, performance and exploration from the activities I offer on the website…or other on-line sites. AND…if you find a really great music site you can share with me…please email me and I’ll review the possibility of including that on our website for others to explore. Take care of one another and we’ll connect soon!

Music Website: Kincaid Coyote Music


Ms. Lang

Music: Ms. Stigall

Dear Parents,

Music is important to the well being of every student in our music program. Whether it is singing, dancing, or playing instruments. I am working on a web page where students will find lessons in every grade level. Stay tuned! I am working on putting together activities for students to access from home. I will be sending you a link soon. Hang in there everybody!

Terry Stigall

Classroom Music Campbell STEM/Kincaid

Art: Mrs. Holonics

Hi from Mrs. HOLONICS!

I miss you all so much, and I can’t wait to see you again. I want to hear how you are doing, and tell you all about the dolphins and octopus I saw over break! They gave me ideas for lessons to teach you. Remember I told you teachers are always learning? I am excited to learn new tools to help you have an art experience at home. But before we get going with technology, there are many art things you can do without needing a computer. Here we go with my ideas! CREATION STATION Since we can’t work in our art room now you can gather simple materials for your art supplies and make your own special place to work. Ask your parents if you can set aside a special place, and create your own mini art studio. It doesn’t have to be big, or private, but maybe keep your technology away so you can get a screen break and let your mind wander freely. Keep your materials here, and see what you can create ON YOUR OWN! Here are some supplies you might gather for your


Tape! (any kind), glue, scissors, string, any kind of paper, aluminum foil, pencils, markers, crayons, pens, watercolor paints (if you have them), cardboard scraps, paper clips, straws, popsicle sticks, even old magazines that your parents will let you cut up. Your assignment with the CREATION STATION is to just create one. Then spend about a half hour there and make whatever you want. I’m going to set mine up when I get home from work today. (That’s a joke since I am already home). If you want you can ask your parents to take a picture of you there and send it to me at I’ll take one of mine, when I get it set up. I can’t wait.


If having a space for your CREATION STATION is not possible, how about putting together your own personal ART TOOL KIT! Remember to just find stuff you might have around your house. Also, you can add materials you think you can make art out of even if it’s not on the list, as long as your parents say it is OK. Remember that old saying, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” Here’s what you might need for your ART TOOL KIT: First you need a container to store your art tools in. The container could be a cardboard box, a big bucket, a backpack that’s not being used, a milk carton, a suitcase, a small clean garbage can, or whatever you want to use to store your supplies. If it is a cardboard box, you can decorate it, to make it fun. Here are some ideas of items to put in your ART TOOL KIT: Tape, (any kind) scissors, glue, any kind of drawing tools like pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, paper of any kind (recycled if possible), stickers, string, yarn, rubber bands, paper clips, plastic lids for tracing circles, hole punch, etc. etc. etc. That’s it. Now you are an artist with your tools. What will you make? Take your ART TOOL KIT somewhere in your house where you feel calm and happy and get creative!

PE: Mr. Akin

Hellooooooooooooooo Coyotes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Akin here and I miss all of you! Just want to stay in touch and talk about some things we can all do to keep active during our absence from school. I was very excited to see many kids and families out and about in the neighborhood doing various activities. With that in mind, I’m going to list a few things that we can do to stay active during our time away. Remember, our minds work better if our bodies stay in shape. Think of what that could do for your game play: smarter, stronger, faster, and better focus. We could all benefit from this.

Let’s make good use of the snow before it goes away!

1. Sledding – I see a lot of kids sledding, way to go! Good exercise, especially going back up the hill.

2. Skiing – What a great way to work the legs and core.

3. Skating – Legs, and cardio, great workout!

4. Snow Shoeing – If you have them, use them. A great way to work the legs.

5. Snow Shoveling – Tell your mom and dad that you want to shovel the driveway and sidewalks. This is a great workout for the arms and back. Just go in small periods at a time. I suggest 10 minutes of shoveling followed by 10 minutes of rest.

- If snow is not for you, pick up a basketball and work on your dribbling skills in the garage.

  • Do 100 dribbles with the left and right hand and then 100 cross overs.
  • Get a jump rope and jump for 15 minutes
  • Do hacky sack for 15 minutes
  • Walk the dog for 30 minutes
  • Oh, of course, 25 push-ups and 25 sit-ups before bedtime or when you wake-up

I will be sending ideas in the coming days to keep you moving. Stay strong, stay positive, and help your parents around the house. There is nothing better than family! I have two families that I happen to love. My own family at home, and all of you Coyotes!

Coyote Strong!

Mr. Akin

PE: Mrs. Reale

Hello Families,

We sure have missed your smiling faces and giggles this past week. I want to give you ALL (students and parents) some resources to use while you’re at home this week from March 23-27th. Please make sure to schedule your physical activity as it is one of the most important building blocks to a healthy lifestyle. It can also be a stress and anxiety reliever. Any form of exercise from yoga to high intensity cardio aerobics will make a big difference in stress relief.

The CDC recommends 150 minutes of activity weekly for adults and 60 minutes or more per day for children ages 6-17.


Mrs. Reale

Health: Mrs. Duclos

Greetings Fellow Coyotes! In these difficult times, I wanted to offer you some online resources to help support the pillars of your health.

Hygiene: Handwashing for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap is the single best defense against the coronavirus. For a primary level video try Brain Pop Jr.: Handwashing and Colds and Flu, for intermediate level kids regular Brain Pop. To access Brain Pop for free go to this site provided by State of Alaska to all Alaskans: and choose Brain Pop, Health. There are also many other great videos on Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. on a variety of topics.

Nutrition: Keep the kids busy by having them learn to cook their own nutritious and delicious meals. You Tube offers some cooking tutorials for kids. Try: 3 Breakfasts Your Kids Can Cook Themselves and Kids Size Cooking: Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

Exercise: For some indoor exercise set up a free family account on and dance along to all the great videos. Once on Go Noodle, type into the search bar to find specific videos. Some of my favorites: Dino Stomp by Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Whoomp There It Is by KIDZ BOP. For older kids try Pump It Up by Fresh Start Fitness.

Sleep: Here is a link to the CDC with recommendations for ideal sleep per age group:

Wishing you all well,

April DuClos

Health/SEL Teacher

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