Mrs. Birkland's Kindergarten Class

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This week’s letters wereHh , Huffing Horse and Uu, cat UNDER the chair. Ask your child the sign for short Uu and Hh. With Uu we drew a picture of a cat (again) following step by step directions and then taped him under our chair so that the cat was “under the chair” all day. With Hh we worked onour fine motor skills and torn brown paper to make a horse. We also searched for our letters in poems. We read “A House is a House for Me” and “Umbrellas.” Make sure to read these poems at home as they come home in your child’s daily folder. During this time we also worked on our kindergarten high frequency words. This week we learned 2 more. We learned we and an.

Letters We have learned

Ss , Nn, Tt, Mm, Aa, Rr, Ii, and Ff, Hh, and Uu

Sight Words We have learned

I, see, the, you, me, my, can, a, in, is, and, we, an

Math: Comparing Numbers and Quantities 0-5

This week we finished up our study of comparison of numbers and sets. We have learned to use the terms greater than (more), less than (fewer) and equal to (same.) Next week we will begin our study over the numbers 6-9.

What does it look like to be a digital citizen?

Over the course of the week, we studied what does it look like to be a digital citizen. We learned about internet safety while using the concept of a traffic light. There are three different types of sights. Green are those types of sights that are are made for kids-they are fun to be on and have games/activities designed for kids. Yellow are sights that we are unsure of, we think they might be okay, but we ask an adult for guidance with it. Red are sights that are not made for kids. We get a feeling, very strongly inside of us that tells us to stop and get an adult now. We also learned about what kind of information is safe to share online and what kinds of things we shouldn't share. We were introduced to the idea that some people try to bully you when you are online and how to handle those types of situations. We also learned how to show respect to others by the way we communicate online through comments to others. Our words are powerful and can lift someone up or break someone down. Ask your child to tell you about the butterfly lesson. It gave them a little look at the power are words can have to help someone get better and better at something. We finally wrapped up week by learning how to do ABC searches for things online using the website We used our QR code scanners to quickly get the sites, and then each had a letter to search. Check out our class book below!


We have still not been give the okay for the iPad update. So, please do NOT update to iOS 9 just yet. Our tech department has some work to do to prepare for it first and then we will let you know when it is okay.

Apps-It is super important for you to have downloaded the apps we have requested so far. We do use them. When it comes time for an activity where we use one of them, and if your child doesn't have it, unfortunately, I do not have time to go download it for them. So, they might not get to participate. So, please make sure-this weekend-that you have downloaded the apps we have asked for thus far. Please make sure to put them in the folders mentioned in the APP download page I sent home last week. If you have not been able to or you lost your paper, you can find it here. Just click on More Apps to find this page. Thanks!

Lots of new experiences with technology this week

This week was an adventure in technology! We have tried out a lot new things this week. We have begun sharing some of our work on a new app called seesaw-it acts as a digital portfolio for some of the things we do in our room. So far, we have uploaded pics of some of our math activities to our folders. We also got to try our first QR code reader. If you have not already downloaded it, please download the app called Best Barcode Scanner. There was a few glitches, so we area going to try it again on Monday. :) Lastly, we tried scanning a QR code to download ABC Mouse. This is an account that I have for each student. Teacher's get a free account. Your child is allowed to get on this whenever they would like.

Parent Teacher Conferences Sign-up NOW!

Our first Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on Oct 13th and 15th. PLEASE LOOK OVER YOUR SCHEDULE AND SIGN UP THIS WEEKEND. I have had only 8 families sign up so far. I really want to make a time work, so let me know if this time would not work for you. Here is a link to my google doc which contains our conference schedule. Simply click the link and write your child's name next to the time slot that works for you.

Our Name of the Day Friends

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Snack and Share

Our snack and share students next week are:



Emma B.



*Please remember that we are a peanut free classroom. Check out the peanut free snack list for acceptable snacks.

I Wonder (Things to ask your child at home)

  • How many syllables are in the word: banana, watermelon, apple, strawberry, kiwi, grape? (Have your chid say the word normally. Then have them tap their lap or clap the word with you. Lastly, have them count on their fingers as they segment, or break apart, the word into syllables.)
  • Can you read these words: the, you, see, I, can, me, my, I, a, in, is, and, we, an?
  • Can you explain to me the website traffic light? What does green mean?
  • How high can you count? Can you write your numbers to 10 for me?
  • Which number is more: 5 or 2? 1 or 3? 4 or 5?
  • Which number is less: 3 or 4? 5 or 2? 2 or 3?

Just a Few Reminders

  • If you have not already sent in a change of clothes for your child, please do so. The nurse is already running out of clothes for Kindergarten age students. If your child does borrow clothes form the nurse, please wash them and return them. Thanks!
  • Please send in a water bottle (empty) we will fill it here on days where we have PE. They exercise a lot and cannot be going out to get drinks all the time, so if they want a drink, they need to bring a water bottle.

Dates to Remember


1st-School Picture Day

1st-PTA Skate Night

6th-CiCi's Pizza Night

8th-Harlem Wizard's Game

13th-Parent Teacher Conferences

15th-Early Release @ 2:10

15th-Parent Teacher Conferences

16th-No School