Chewandswallow town

By Cheney

Weird and wonderful weather

If you don't like unexpected weather, come to ChewandSwallow where you'll know what kind of whether you will expect every single day. Here it rains food 3 times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. And don't worry, it never rains just rain, it also rains fabulous food.

Fun and Fabulous Food

In Chewandswallow there is no needed to go shopping for food or even cook it. Why waste your time or money when fabulous and free food falls from the sky? You'll never go hungry as portions are big and left overs are available to snack on throughout the day. Different food falls on different day so you'll always get to try something new. Delicious burgers,creamy mash potato, wonderful jell-o and drizzles of soda are just some of what is available.

Super smart sanitation

You'll find that the sanitation will clean up every day. You'll certainly do not have to clean up afterwards after you finish eating.

Roofless restaurant

Do you like cleaning up after you finish eating ? Come to chewandswallow town you can just go to the roofless restaurant and you'll get free food every 3 days .