Updates from the West

News for December 17-20

Week's Events

Monday, December 17
10:00 - IEP (Bertram/Rummel)
1:30 - Gift Wrapping in the Cafeteria (Parent volunteers & Student Council)

Tuesday, December 18
10:00 - Time on Task (Brand)
2:20 - Tech Tuesday - DropBox and Apps

Wednesday, December 19
8:30 - Talent Show
12:20 - IEP (Belton, Nelson, Rummel, Higgins, Nesby)

Thursday, December 20
Classroom Holiday Parties
End of Second Quarter
9:00 - Christmas Concert
Staff is welcome to leave after the buses dismiss.

Friday, December 21
No School - Begin Break!!

Upcoming Dates
January 2 - Institute Day (8:15 - OHS)
January 4 - AR Parties
January 7-18 - Winter Benchmarking
January 8 - Grades due in Skyward
January 8 - Vision/Hearing Re-screenings
January 10 - SILT
January 11 - Report Cards
January 16 - Young Author Kick-off with singer/songwriter Amy Lowe
January 18 - Day of Problem Solving
January 21 - No School
January 23 - K12
January 24 - Blood Drive (2-7pm)

Staying in the Know...

District Strategic Plan: Goal 1 - Student Achievement; Goal 2 - Quality Staff; Goal 3 - Safe Schools/Learning Environment; Goal 4 - Home/School/Community Relations

School Improvement Plan: Focuses on Increased Student Achievement (District Goal 1) and Increasing Knowledge of Common Core (District Goal 2)

-Skyport is here! This is the latest version of Skyward. You'll find a button under Quick Links on the Olympia homepage. I think you'll find Skyport to be very similar to the current version, but with lots of additional perks. I would encourage you to begin using Skyport. If you have questions, Tanya or I will be happy to help. Later this winter/spring the district will convert to Skyport, and Skyward as we know it will no longer be available. (PS. Scott will be here Tuesday afternoon. He's a great resource, if you'd like him to walk you through the new interface.)

- Do you have suggested changes to the handbook for next year? Please communicate those suggestions to a SILT member. The handbook can be found at http://www.olympia.org/vnews/display.v/ART/46cc92e36f179 (District Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4)

-Audra has ordered tag board and card stock for you to use in creating your common core manipulatives/activities. It is located on the shelves under the windows in the workroom. Please feel free to use what you need, but all extra pieces should be stored in the workroom for others to use.

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257 cell: 309-261-1486
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263