Berrien Springs Band News


Weekly Reminders

Happy 1st Full Day of Fall!

A schedule change and some reminders for the week:

1. Band/Choir students have a change this week due to the choir fundraiser kickoff. Their schedule will be -

Monday - CHOIR (change), Tuesday - BAND (change), Wednesday - Band, Thursday - Choir, Friday - Band.

2. HS Band has rehearsal Tuesday evening RAIN or SHINE from 6:30-8:30pm. We only have 8 rehearsals remaining before our first major competition.

3. HS Band memorization test on Come Sail Away is tomorrow, Monday, September 24th.

4. Several HS Band students have not submitted their schoology assignments. Please don't forget to do these video responses! They are important for you to address issues within your performance and your section's performance!

5. MS Solo & Ensemble forms are due this Friday, September 28th. Keep scrolling for more info about S&E.

HS Band - Lakeshore Invitational performance time is in! Mark your calendars! We will perform at 7:15pm. Vicksburg & MSBOA have not sent times/schedules yet.

6th Grade Band Info

All "every day" band students were allowed to take home their instruments this weekend. Parents, we gave your students some rules to follow to keep their instrument in good care and condition.

Only the student can play the instrument. In order to avoid smaller (or older) siblings from damaging the instrument, we gave students strict instructions to not allow anyone to play/touch/mess with their instrument.

Put the instrument together while sitting on the floor. Too many times, students will try to put the instrument together with their case sitting on their lap (while sitting on a chair/couch/bed) and the case will fall and the instrument will break. They need to put the instrument together on the floor and then sit in their chair.

Only play the instrument while sitting in a chair. Although they will eventually march and play in high school, at this time they are still too young to do so. We've asked them not to wander around the house playing their instruments.

Most importantly - The instrument MUST come back to school tomorrow, Monday, September 24th! We can't teach your child to be awesome at their instrument if it stays at home. Please help your child remember their instrument when they walk out the door tomorrow!

GREAT JOB 8th grade Band! We (the HS Marching Band) loved having you with us last Friday night!

MS Solo & Ensemble Info & After-School Jazz Band Info

This week, 7th & 8th grade band students were given the option to do two extra band things:

Solo & Ensemble

S&E is an event where students can learn a solo piece of music and perform it with a school-provided accompaniment for a judge. They also can learn a piece of music and play it with another student as a duet for a judge. The judge gives them instant feedback and if they do well, they will earn a blue or red medal. The band directors work with the students after school or during class to help them with their solo or duet.

Solo & Ensemble festival is December 1st at Edwardsburg High School. Students interested need to turn in their form by this Friday, September 28th and pay $5.

MS Jazz Ensemble

This Jazz Ensemble is open to 7th & 8th grade students. The ensemble will meet on Thursdays after school from 2:45 to 3:30pm. Students can sign up on the clipboard in the band room to participate. If you have questions, please contact Adam Emeigh @