Mrs. Pearson's 1st Grade News

December 2013/ January 2014

Monthly Reminders

Dates to Remember:

1/6-1/10 - Theme 3/ DIBELS Testing week

1/10 - Home and School Book Distribution

1/20 - No School - MLK Jr. Holiday

ELA Update

This week we will be testing Theme 3 - Turning Corners. There will be no new HFW's, spelling or robust vocab words. Students should review Theme 3 HFW's and robust vocab. Some of the skills we have covered in this theme include: short vowels e, a, i and u, initial blends with s, l and r, and contractions with 'll. In reading we have working on several focus skills, such as comparing and contrasting, picking out details in stories and focusing on the plot. Keep practicing those high frequency words (HFW's)...instantly recognizing these words is the key to a successful start when becoming a reader!

Reading Log will also begin this week. These will be collected every Friday and count as a homework assignment. Please read the inside cover sheet explaining how it should be filled out. This log should be completed with parent assistance in the beginning, moving towards student independance after a few weeks. Any book coming home from school should be logged in your child's weekly entries. If you have any questions please let me know. Oh the places we go when we read!!!!

Due to the snow day on Friday, January 3rd the lesson 12 spelling test will be on Monday, January 6th.

**Starting next week with the lesson 13 spelling test, letters that are made uppercase and should not be will be marked wrong on all spelling tests going forward until the end of the year. All letters have been reviewed and practiced. Neatness and correct formation of letters is important in writing and spelling! Good habits start at an early age.

Math Update

We are currently in Unit 4: Measurement and Basic Facts.

Students have been comparing lengths using standard and nonstandard units, as well as review telling time by the hour, half-hour and quarter-hour. Basic addition facts will also be introduced and practiced during this unit. Math games are a great way to reinforce and have children practice math skills we are learning in class.

Next up - Unit 5: Place Value, Number Stories and Basic Facts

Science and S.S. Update

We have finished up our unit on families and family celebrations/ holiday traditions. The students did a FABULOUS job on their writing projects! In January we will be focusing on New Year's Resolutions, Martin Luther King Jr.and Chinese New Year. We will become scientists as we explore magnets.

Misc. Items

The weather is getting colder, so please make sure that your child comes to school with a warm jacket, gloves, and a hat for outdoor recess. Bundle up!

A very special thank you to our parent planners and helpers for the fun Holiday Party. It was a success and the the children had a blast.

Thank you again for all of your kind wishes and thoughtful holiday gifts. I am looking forward to all the great things ahead in 2014!