The 8 Steps of the


Step 1:

A crime is committed

Step 2:

The suspect is arrested. The Police Department can search for further evidence and ask for a warrant. The County Attorney must evaluate the facts and decide if the case will be dismissed or will proceed.

Step 3:

A judge sees the suspect within 24 hours to make sure enough evidence is present and bail is set. The suspect can pay bail or wait in jail for a trial.

Step 4:

The suspect can plea guilty or not guilty. If the suspect pleas guilty he/she will wait for the sentencing. If the suspect pleas not guilty his/her attorney can review the evidence and prepare for trial.
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Step 5: The Trial

Step 6:

The suspect is either acquitted or found guilty. If the defendant is found guilty he/she will be sentenced.

Step 7:

Sentences include: mandatory charges, fines, jail time, or probation.

Step 8:

If the sentence is guilty the defendant can appeal the sentence to the Court of Appeals.
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