The right way to have some fun!

How Rock 'n Roll Came to Be

What: Considered as a type of music, which added electronic instruments to the traditional blues.

When: Throughout 1950's, 1951 first time on stage.

Location: North America, USA.

Cause: The melody that rock'n roll brings, came from the inspiration of rhythm and the blues; adrenaline mixed with professionalism.

Reason: People were trying to find new ways to have a fantastic night. New things always cooperated with the experience.

Result: Although crafted by African Americans, whites also enjoyed what rock'n roll had to offer, and began to get involved, eventually leading to fame for stars like Elvis Presley

Significance: Rock'n roll did not had a specific type of group whose appreciated what rock'n roll is. It included everyone, the colored, and the none colored. It was officially an American music.

To Whom: All people that lived in America. Adjusted our culture.

TV Plants Its Seed

What: A "portable" way of having fun. TV programs offered an exploration of the world in an american's own living room.

When: Programs began its enormously run in 1951.

Location: United States

Cause: TV show is a great way to make easy money. Americans liked animation, dramas, things that kept their brains working. Industries knew were aware of that, thus starting mass product TV shows.

Reason: When Americans came back from work, they tried to distract themselves with outside activities. TV shows offered The same experience, but in their precious comfort zone.

Result: At the end almost everyone was satisfied with what TV had to offer. It gained our hearts, reached out to our souls.

Significance: The U.S was growing in everything. Entertainment surprisingly played a huge part in economics. TV programs also, gave people a new source of pleasure.

To Whom: Habitants from America.