What do they do? and How they function in the body?

Minerals are essential nutrients that the body needs to survive to carry out daily functions and processes.Minerals help with your bone and teeth health, energy production,nerve and muscle functions,and help keep your immune system healthy and strong.

Major minerals and how to find them

-almonds,brazil nuts,hazelnuts
-dried apricots and figs
-raisins ,prunes,figs
-lean red meat,poultry,liver,kidney
-wholegrain creal and bread
-leafy green vegetables

* There are many other minerals

What can happen if I have to much or too little of a mineral?

To much:
- High Blood pressure
-Heart disease
-Organ Failure
-Nausea, Headache,and fatigue
To little:
-Low bone mass(osteopenia)
-increased rick of bone fractures
-abnormal heart rythms
-red blood cells become small
-poor memory
- harder to concentrate
-harder for body to fight off germs

Did you know?


-over 3,000 different minerals on earth
-study of minerals is called mineralogy
-to much of a mineral in the body can cause mutliple problems


Minerals are essential nutrients
That can be found in a plant
We consume them everyday
To keep the pain away
A mineral is naturally occuring
So no need for implants
We need minerals to grow just like our parents