Martin De Leon

By: Jiwon L., Taylor B., Gisela N.


Martin De Leon was a successful land agent in Texas. He was the only Mexican empresario to found a colony in Texas. He received an unusual contract, but De Leon’s colony moved ahead. He named the town that his settlement was in. It was named Guadalupe Victoria after the first president of the Republic of Mexico, present day Victoria.


In 1824 Martin De Leon established a settlement Victoria.


Martin De Leon came to Texas because he wanted to start a colony with Mexican families along the Guadalupe River.


There was a problem with the Mexican Government. He was given land that overlapped De Witt’s land. Martin De Leon’s Mexican birth gave first choice over De Witt. It is also a little problem with the settlements because he settled in between 100- 200 Mexican families along the Guadalupe River.


Martin De Leon was a very successful person. He got the land he granted for and settled in the Mexican territory. He settled in between 100- 200 Mexican families along the Guadalupe River.

Graphic consideration

The houses they lived in were “Round-top Houses”. It was for defense in case the Comanches had attacked the town. There was also abundance of food because of the ranch in the settlement. Many beef and pork were available too. Fishes were easy to get because of the rivers and bays close by. Many crops were grown in the fertile soils in the Upland Prairies and the River Bottom. All over were many good pastures to grow livestock, cattle, and horses.

Eye Wittness

The photograph above is from Martin De Leon’s colony. This was John J. Linn’s house. Victoria’s first mayor.