5th Grade Challenge

March Newsletter

The 13 Colonies Unit comes to a close

For the past couple of months the students have done a wonderful job learning all about the 13 colonies and using information to create products. For Chapter 5, the New England colonies, they designed dinner party skits or murals, which are proudly hanging in our hallway. For Chapter 6, the Middle Colonies, they wrote a history changing essay. Finally, for Chapter 7, the Southern Colonies, they created fun puppet pal skits using an iPad. Now they are studying hard for our upcoming Unit 3 test.

Remember- Unit 3 Test is Thursday, March 9th! Study the notes and vocab! Study tips are found on Google Classroom.

Long-Term Assignment

The students are well underway with completing their long-term assignment. I have made adjustments to the due dates. Please see the link below for the updated calendar. Today the students worked more on their Research and Brainstorm slides. They learned of the expectations for their rough draft too. LTA New Calendar DETAILS CLICK HERE Full details on the project, click here.
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On the Road to the Revolutionary War

What an exciting time in our history! Once the Unit 3 test is under our belts, we will be learning all about the historical events leading to the Revolutionary War. The students will read Chapter 8, participate in re-enactments and discussions. They will also be invited by "Samuel Adams" (a.k.a. Mrs. Clark) to join the Committees of Correspondence, which was a group of people who wrote letters about the events happening in their colony. These letters served as a way to inform other colonists about the events, and incite anger at the British Parliament and King George III for the unfair imperial policies. It was like the modern-day social network. The students will learn more about this in the coming weeks. Finally, the students will be assessed by taking two quizzes and participating in a seminar discussion. Hopefully the students will share some of the interesting events we are learning about with you at home!


Thursday, May 18th, 9am-2:45pm

Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

On Thursday, May 18th the students will travel down to Independence Hall and have a tour of this historic landmark. Additionally, the students will see the Liberty Bell and participate in a program hosted by the National Park Service about Benjamin Franklin. More information will come in the form of a permission slip, which will be given to the students at some point this month. If you are available to be a chaperone, please note this date on your calendar. If your child has an urgent medical need, I would prefer if you could please be one of our chaperones. The link to the Methacton volunteer clearances is here. This must be done before coming as a chaperone and the process takes a bit of time.