Mid-May Newsletter

May 15, 2016

Read Now- Must Know

I can't believe our time in Primer is coming to close. We have had a wonderful year together. I want to encourage you to continue to lean on each other for play dates and activities this summer. The Primer experience creates a meaningful bond between both parents and students. It is your responsibility to keep the bond going after Primer ends.

I want to highlight a few upcoming events. On May 16, we will have a special chapel service highlighting Marathon Kids, Girls on The Run, Jump Rope for Heart and Just Skip It. The chapel will be in the main chapel from 8:15-8:45. On Wednesday, May 18, Primer students will wear their Marathon Kids shirt with their uniform shorts or skirts to school. All students in Primer finished their marathon. Way to go, Primer Pals!

May 17 is the Primer garage sale. We received all the goods and will need each student to bring in $2.00 to be consumers. Please make sure your child has their $2 before Tuesday. Please bring the money in a bag or envelope marked with your child's name.

On Friday, May 20 we will have an Honors Assembly in the main church from 8:30-9:30. Primer students will not get any awards during this service. After the service, a good-bye reception in the church parlor will be held for departing faculty members.

On Wednesday, May 25 we will have our closing service from 8:30-9:30. This service highlights and celebrates our LS leaders, the fourth graders. Later that afternoon Primer students will have an end of the year party for Primer students in our classroom from 1:30-2:15.

Our school year concludes with field day at the Upper Campus from 8:30-10 on Thursday, May 26. This is not a drop off event. Students are requested to wear bathing suits under outdoor clothing as many of the games involve water.

Primer Survival Guide

The last homework assignment of Primer is the survival guide. Can you recall reading the guide your child received? Well, now it is your child's turn to create a guide for a student coming into Primer. Please take the time to help your child with this guide. Some children find it difficult to evaluate the year. I will go over the assignment in class but students may need help recalling projects or trips. Remember you can always flip through the photos on Photo Circle to help your child recall the year. This assignment went home on May 9 and is due on May 20. Thank you for your support.

Articles worth considering

Upcoming Dates

  • May 16 Marathon Kids recognition chapel 8:15-9:00
  • May 18 Students to wear Marathon Kids T-shirts to school
  • May 20 Honors Assembly 8:30-9:30 and Farewell Reception for departing faculty 9:30-10:15
  • May 25 Closing Service 8:30-9:30
  • May 25 End of Year Party 1:45-2:15
  • May 26 Field Day 8:30-10:00