Newsletter #2 XLIBRIS Workshop


Lucy she is a librarian

OERs and MOOCs in User Education and In-service Training - The Right Recipe for Library Innovation

Within the X-LIBRIS project a series of workshops will be organized. One of the main goals of these workshops is to find out what librarians (both current and future) need to learn and which skills they need to develop to be able to create OERs and MOOCs for their users. Second goal is to find out about how they like to learn as being the subject of in-service training programs. Third goal is to provide librarians with first hand experience on how to explore users’ needs by the use of innovative methodologies such Lego® Serious Play®, Hero’s Journey, Gamification, Business Model YOU® , Storytelling, Crowdfunding and Design Thinking to be able to realize user-centered design. Last goal is to explore how to use smart ICT in designing both user education services and in-service training. Key ingredients of the X-LIBRIS recipe are user-centered service design, use of smart ICT and innovation.
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Join us if YOU like to contribute EXPLORING

1. What would be the role of the librarians as trainers in the next decade?
2. How librarians can fulfil this role?
3. How social media is impacting librarians’ work connected to users (especially user education)?
4. What would be in-service training needs of librarians?
5. What kind of new educational services librarians could develop?
6. What would be the innovation in user training/education?
7. How do librarians think they can change the role of the library as an institution?

We like to DISCOVER together with YOU

1. The new role of the library and librarians in a digital world.
2. A new approach to the educational service design. Shifted from static to dynamic teaching.
3. The impact of social media over the educational process.
4. The most appropriate web 2.0 tools to develop new services.
5. New user education services.
6. The ways to include the end user in co-designing the library services.

Talk to us

We would like to hear from you. We kindly ask you to share this information to your network colleagues (please, send this link ) so they may have a chance to join the workshop, just in case you can't.
By doing it, you win personal access to the findings of the workshop. Your personal report copy will be mailed 10 days after the workshop.
As soon you have shared it, tell it to us, by sending an email to