Neonatal Surgeon

Isabella Betlejeski's individual career plan

What is a Neonatal Surgeon?

A Neonatal Surgeon performs surgery on newborns, often performs surgical operations on babies with serious birth defects that affect the chest and abdominal area. They can also diagnose babies before they are born with a ultrasound machine, this can help them prepare for treatment options when the child is born.

Education Requirements

-associates degree

- pass the MKAT

-4 years to study general medicine

- an internship for 2 years

- a residency in a general surgery program

-a neonatal fellowship program


On average they make $406,000

Ranges from $328,523- $509,316


-evaluates and diagnoses

-creates treatment plan

-pre-op and post-op care


About me

I am a high school student striving to become a Neonatal Surgeon. My dream school would be JHU, John Hopkins University,, and I will work hard to get there. I feel this job has so much opportunity for growth and discovery, medicine and science is always changing and it will be so much more advanced by the time I get there.