Week at a Glance

Marian Central Catholic High School Faculty Newsletter

January 19, 2020

Reflecting on the past week...

What a powerful week we have had... May we all pray to God that students and Staffulty work together to eliminate hate, bullying, and student emotional struggles.

Rachel's Challenge Assemblies

Wednesday's assemblies were certainly powerful, not only to students, but all of us as well.

After the assemblies, there were 121 students who signed up for the FOR Training, which was a great success as well. We are very excited for the continuation and growth of this important club. There are so many clubs and organizations that make a daily impact on the lives of our students and the Marian Community. It's important that the entire community is aware of the meeting times of each one, so if you are a moderator and do not already provide your meeting times to Laurie DiSilvio, please start communicating this so she can put them on the school's website calendar for all to see!

Moving forward, may we all follow Rachel's Five Challenges...

1) Look for the Best in Others

2) Dream Big

3) Choose Positive Influences

4) Speak with Kindness

5) Start Your Own Chain Reaction

and at the same time, see the parallels with MLK Jr's 6 Principles...

1) Nonviolence is a Way of Life for Courageous People

2) Nonviolence Seeks to Win Friendship and Understanding

3) Nonviolence Seeks to Defeat Injustice, not People

4) Nonviolence Holds that Suffering can Educate and transform

5) Nonviolence Chooses Love Instead of Hate

6) Nonviolence believes that the Universe is on the Side of Justice

New Staff

We are very happy to say that Marian is again fully staffed! Mr. Timothy Truman will be joining the English team this coming Wednesday, January 22 and Miss Kirsten Bank will be joining the English team the following Monday, January 27. There were a few teacher schedule changes, due to the varied strengths of the teachers. Please click here for the revised Master Schedule and welcome these individuals to the Marian Central Catholic Family!

What's coming up?

March for Life

As you know, several students and staff members will be leaving for the March for Life 2020 in Washington, DC this coming Wednesday. You should have already received a listing of those students who are attending and Mrs. Johnson will have entered "ft" into the attendance for those days. Please treat this as any other field trip and allow our students to submit missing work in a reasonable time for credit.

Please pray for those attending, both from Marian Central and from other schools and organizations, as this is a very important event for Catholics and all others who believe in pro-life.

As you know, Mr. Price and Ms. Novy are continuing to step into classrooms either for formal or informal observations. Please remember that even if you are not on the schedule this year for formal observations, all teachers are subject to informal observations at anytime. We are focused on getting into the classrooms more and identifying the key engagement strategies that make Marian a first-class education!

1/2 Day Inservice

This Friday our students will be excused at noon... bell schedule number 6. Marian will be serving Staffulty with lunch at about 12:15 pm. After lunch, we will have a brief but important inservice starting at 12:45 pm. Please see the attached agenda. Once we have covered the topics, all are free to leave for the weekend!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Prayer for Upcoming March for Life

Redeemer in the Womb

Lord Jesus Christ, You took our human nature upon Yourself. You shared our life and death, our childhood and adulthood.

You also shared our time in the womb. While still God, while worshipped and adored by the angels, while Almighty and filling every part of the universe, You dwelt for nine months in the womb of Mary. You were our Redeemer in the womb, our God who has a preborn child.

Lord Jesus, we ask You to bless and protect the children who today are in their mothers’ womb. Save them from the danger of abortion. Give their mothers the grace to sacrifice themselves, in body and soul, for their children. Help all people to recognize in the preborn child a brother, a sister, saved by You, our Redeemer in the womb.

Source: StPaulsPISMoBeach.com/respectlifeprayers.html

Did You Forget your GCN Training?

This is just a gentle reminder that all Staffulty members are to complete this year's set of online training session in order to stay in compliance with Illinois state mandates for schools.

As shared back in August, all trainings must be completed no later than April 1, 2020.

If you have already completed your trainings, thank you for being so pro-active! If you have not, please print out the Certificate of Completion once you have completed all of your designated trainings.

If you need assistance logging into your account, please contact Ms. Novy.

Catechist Certification Opportunities

DeKalb Deanery Offers:

February 1, 2020

Level 1 Part 2

St. Mary's in DeKalb

Click here for more information


Upcoming Technology PD:

IDEAcon, formerly the ICE Conference

February 24 - 27, 2020

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Conference Center

Great Ways to use Technology in your classrooms!

E-Learning Day Lesson ideas

Teaching with Google Earth

Smart Ways Devices Can Enhance Learning

Professional Development Opportunities & Resources

Teacher's Teacher : A wide variety of online courses are offered, designed to meet the changing needs of teachers.

Reading & Writing Seminars & Podcasts

ASCD Webinars: A variety of online webinars. Here you can access recent or archived professional learning.

Remember that you have this resource available to you!

Your SchoolShelf URL: http://www.schoolshelf.com/981085-marian

This Week's Schedule

As you work through your plans this week, please note these events. For a more detailed list, check out our school calendar, 8to18 Athletics Calendar or Clubs/Organizations Page

Monday, Jan. 20, 2020

Martin Luther King Jr Birthday... NO SCHOOL

9:00 am ~ Musical Practice

Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020

2:30 pm ~ FOR Club Meeting, rm 134

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Mass, Chapel

3:00 pm ~ Musical Rehearsal, Auditorium

7:30 pm ~ Athletic Booster Club Meeting, Annex

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020

Students Leave for March for Life in DC (will be wearing their sweatshirts)

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Mass, Chapel

3:00 pm ~ Musical Rehearsal, Auditorium

6:00 pm ~ Auction Planning Meeting, Annex

Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020

March for Life

Lunches ~ Adoration, Chapel

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Mass, Chapel

3:00 pm ~ Musical Rehearsal, Auditorium

Friday, Jan. 24, 2020

March for Life

Noon Dismissal Schedule # 6

12:15 pm ~ Faculty Lunch, Cafeteria

12:45 pm ~ Teacher Inservice

Saturday, Jan 25, 2020

March for Life

9:00 am ~ Spring Production Set/Costume Work, Auditorium

1:00 pm ~ McHenry County Honors Band Performance, Woodstock North HS

Sunday, Jan 26, 2020

March for Life

Happy Birthday to...

Jan. 25 Christi DeWispelaere