College & Career Resources

Updated February 28, 2020

Career Resources

Career Learning Resources: Career Learning Resources (link below) include folders created for career clusters. Each folder has videos, interactives, etc. with information about careers related to each cluster. For example, if you are interested in Government and Public Administration, this tool will allow you to learn about the different careers that fall under that category.

Interested in Industrial Maintenance? FAME Application Now Open

Calhoun Community College’s Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) application is now open for the fall 2020 term at

General Scholarships

Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship: Information on the Alabama GI Dependent Scholarship can be found at the link below.

Athlete of the Year Scholarship for Senior Athletes: Senior athletes can apply for the $1,000 Athlete of the Year scholarship sponsored by Huntsville Hospital Sports Center, TOC Sports, and D1 Sports. This requires a 3.5 or ^ GPA. Apply now at

Create a Greeting Card Scholarship: Create a greeting card for a $10,000 scholarship. The deadline is March 2nd. This is open to 9th-12th grade students.

Creative Scholarships

Dr. Pepper's Tuition Giveaway: Attention, seniors! Dr. Pepper's tuition giveaway offers multiple scholarships up to $100,000. Anyone can apply between ages 18-24.

HACER® National Scholarship: To qualify for the HACER National Scholarship ($100,000), students should have a 3.0 GPA or higher and have at least one parent of Hispanic heritage. The deadline to apply is February 5, 2020.

Heisman High School Scholarship: This is a $5,000 scholarship for students who have a 3.0 GPA or higher, played a sport in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, and have been a leader and mentor in the school/community.

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: The 2020 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards are for students who have volunteer experience. Awards include $1,000 and a trip to Washington. Apply at

Redstone Credit Union Scholarship: Seniors, are you or your parent a member of Redstone Credit Union? Are you going to CCC, Drake, AAMU, MTSU, Oakwood, or UAH? APPLY now at

ROTC Scholarship: Want to apply for an ROTC scholarship?

November Scholarships

Ultimate Guide to Scholarships for Military Dependents

Here are 26 more scholarships; some apply to students in other grades as well as seniors.

Local Scholarships

Dave Draper Sr. Memorial Scholarship: The Dave Draper Sr. Memorial Scholarship is a new local scholarship for $250-$500. Students should have a 2.5 GPA or higher, financial need, and an essay. Click here for more details.

New Local AL Conservation Scholarship: Six $500 scholarships will be awarded. The deadline to apply is March 5th. You must be active in student affairs or leadership. See Mrs. Jagielski for an application.

Redstone Arsenal Military and Civilian's Club: There are two NEW local scholarships from Redstone Arsenal Military and Civilian's Club. Click on the link below to see if you qualify.

Scholarship for Females: If you are a female senior and have a 3.0 or higher GPA, an 18 or higher ACT, and are actively involved in the school and community, you may qualify for a local $1,000 scholarship. See Mrs. Jagielski in the Guidance Office about this scholarship.

There are ten $1,000 scholarships for students with a 2.5 GPA or ^, financial need, ACT of 18 or ^, and community service/leadership. Applications are in Mrs. Jagielski's office.

There are two $1,000 scholarships available for students majoring in law/criminology, psych, social work, or paralegal. Students must have a 3.0 GPA or ^ and have been affected by divorce/foster care/child custody/adoption. This application also requires a 300-500 word essay. Instructions are in Mrs. Jagielski's office.

New Scholarship Search Website -

Diversity Day Field Trip - Are you a minority? Do you want to go on a field trip on March 6th for help with financial aid, career development, and leadership? Sign-up at the link.
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Military Science Army ROTC

Please see the flyer above for great information on Army ROTC scholarship benefits, qualifications, commitment requirements, and officer pay.

***University Scholarships & Information***

Auburn University

You must be accepted into Auburn University by December 1st to qualify for merit scholarships.

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Auburn University Camps

Interested in ecology or marine biology? Check out Auburn University's Marine Coastal Ecology Camp.

Are you a junior or senior interested in going into healthcare but aren't sure which area you'd like the most? Check out Auburn University's Discovery MedCamp.

Mercer University

Click on the link below for more information about the Annual Scholarship Challenge at Mercer University for future engineers.

MTSU's Nursing Program

You are guaranteed admittance to MTSU's nursing program with a 3.5 ^ GPA, 23 ACT, and completed Health Science pathway or B or better in all science classes.

Troy University

Troy University has changed their merit scholarships. See changes above.
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University of Alabama

You must be accepted into the University of Alabama by December 15th to qualify for merit scholarships. Check out their new scholarship requirements for students with 3.0s and above.

Seniors that receive the full Pell Grant now get a guaranteed scholarship to the University of Alabama covering all their tuition.

The University of Alabama has a new major--Musical Audio Engineering. If you want to operate recording studio equipment, this is for you.


UAB's Rural Medical Program: Want to be a doctor in a rural community? Have a 3.3 GPA? Check out UAB's Rural Medical Program. They are accepting applications for 2021. Find more information here -

University of North Alabama

UNA's STEM Scholarship: Check out this video on how to apply for the STEM scholarship at UNA that will cover up to 90% of your tuition.

Compare Universities

Do you want to compare universities? Here is a great website that makes it easy to do so--

2020 Rankings of Best Universities, Colleges, & Programs

  • Best National Universities near us - #15 Vanderbilt, #104 Auburn, #147 Samford, #153 UA, #166 UAB, #263 UAH, ranked somewhere between #293 and #381 are MTSU & USA

  • Best National Liberal Arts Colleges near us - #140 BSC, somewhere between #164 and #215 are Judson, Spring Hill, Stillman, & Talladega

  • Best Regional College (don't offer PhD) - #25 Tuskegee, #31 Montevallo, #44 UNA, #66 Troy, #72 JSU, #79 AUM, #96-#122 are AAMU, Faulkner, & UWA

  • Best Regional Colleges (offer liberal arts programs & business, nursing, & education) - #11 U. of Mobile, #16 Huntingdon, #47 Oakwood

  • Best Historically Black Colleges - #8 Tuskegee, #29 Oakwood, #36 AAMU, #53 Stillman

  • Best Business Programs - #43 UA, #66 Auburn, #112 UAB, #153 UAH

  • Best Engineering Programs - #54 Auburn

College Highlights


1. They have a course forgiveness policy that allows students to appeal to have a course they did poorly in removed from their transcript if they change their major and it doesn't apply to the new one.

2. There is a tremendous opportunity for students to participate in internships and co-op experience while they are in school so they can get hands-on experience in their field.

3. There are 600 student employment opportunities on campus.

4. They guarantee campus housing for freshman who live 30 or more miles away. Housing is almost guaranteed if you live closer; just make sure you apply for housing as soon as the application opens.

Student Loans

Attention, seniors!

Do you want a 0% interest student loan? There are three that will be awarded. Apply here!

Special Opportunities & Contests

JSU's Creative Writing Contest: Jacksonville State University is having an "Imagining the Holocaust" Creative Writing Contest for high school students. Click here for more information.

Minority Youth Science Academy at Samford: Rising 10th-12th graders who want careers in the sciences should check out this three-day residential summer program at Samford University.

National Youth Science Camp: Do you love science? Do you have great grades? Do you have leadership experience in school or community activities? Apply to be one of two delegates from Alabama to the National Youth Science Foundation--one of the nation's premier programs in secondary science education.

Samford Pharmacy Camp: Interested in being a Pharmacist? Check out this amazing summer camp at Samford -

STEM Summer Bridge Program: Are you a rising junior, senior, or graduating senior? Do you have a GPA of 2.8 or higher? Do you want to earn $544 this summer? Apply for the 2020 STEM Summer Bridge Program. Click on the application packet below for more information.

Permanent Annoucements/Information from Mrs. Jagielski

ACT Changes Starting September 2020:

1. ACT will super score.

2. Students may retake a section(s) of the test to improve their score.

3. Faster results when the test is taken online without the written portion.

4. Students receiving free/reduced lunch will now get four waivers.

ACT Fee Waivers: If you receive free or reduced school lunches and want an ACT fee waiver, go see Ms. J in the Guidance Office.

College & Career Assistance: Parents, would you like personalized college and career assistance? Use the link below to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Jagielski.

Financial Aid 101 Presentation

Mrs. Jagielski's College & Career Remind Groups: Sign up for Mrs. Jagielski's Remind groups according to your grade and gender. She will send out information related to college and career, including scholarships, throughout the year.

  • Female 11th Graders - text @42af6c to 81010
  • Male 11th Graders - text @bba37g to 81010
  • Female 10th Graders - text @92dk2f to 81010
  • Male 10th Graders - text @7678g43 to 81010
  • Female 9th Graders - text @k98862 to 81010
  • Male 9th Graders - text @262479 to 81010

Remind Group for Seniors: Mrs. Jagielski's original group for senior girls on Remind is full. If anyone else wants to get her texts for seniors, text @d447998 to 81010 to join the 2nd Class of 2020 Females.

Senior Parent Meeting Presentation

Seniors: Please let Ms. J know when you are accepted into a college/university or when you receive a scholarship.