O Beautiful for Spacious Skies!

A Virtual Tour of Our Nations Landmarks and Monuments

Climb Aboard the Virtual Tour Bus!

Today we will be visiting some of the nations most exciting landmarks! You will visit several different sites and create a field trip via Google Earth describing each sight and its significance in American History and Culture. Questions you will ponder:

  • Why this place?
  • What is its significance in American History/Cutlure?
  • Why is it relevant to Americans today?

Stop 1: The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island - 2 minute HD tour
White House Tour : Inside the Residence of US President

Stop 3: The Lincoln Memorial

◄ Lincoln Memorial, Washington [HD] ►

Stop 4: Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg National Military Park field trip
Now that you have toured these sights, create a field trip for others in Google Earth. Each site should include:

  • Photo or video (be sure to give credit)
  • Original summary of the sight and its significance/relevance to American History/Culture
  • Any other interesting facts you have gathered

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