K-6 Mobile Apps

Media learning made easy

K-3 Math Sampler

A website containing interactive math activities for k-3. It has games for different parts of the curriculum including addition, surface area, and attribute blocks so children can find a game to practice their interests or problem areas. This App is for Android.

A great way to use this App in the classroom would be if students finished a project of worksheet early and wanted extra practice.

Word Mover

This App would be great for older students in elementary who are beginning to learn the structures, and rules, of writing poetry. This app allows students to use an already existing list of words and drag them into their poem, it has different categories, examples of poetry, and much more!

You could use this App in class for students who are struggling getting the basics of poetry down because they can't think of any good word choices. I would only use the App in the beginning of the poetry unit as an Aid, but eventually students should be coming up with their own ideas. It is also great for students who struggle with writing because they can just drag the words into their poem.

Guaranteed to be Educational and Engaging!!

K-12 eFlashcards

Created my McGraw Hill Education, this App is used to test students knowledge and vocabulary in the science curriculum. All units, grades, and themes are easily visible, and students just have to choose what topic they are studying and questions and flashcards appear to test them. Students can start with vocabulary questions, and then move into concepts or ideas. It even keeps track of your answers so students can re-visit anything they got wrong.

This would be a great tool to introduce to parents as a way to help students study at home.

Grammar Wonderland (Elementary)

This engaging App allows students to choose a character and move through the game by practicing nouns, verbs, etc., etc.! Students can only proceed to the next level by completing the grammar tasks at each adventure spot. This App is designed by McGraw Hill Education for grades 3-6.

This would work well in a classroom during centres, or if students had free time because of its adventure theme, students will see it as a game and want to play it.


Any iBook allows for students to read and follow along with a story. It creates an interactive way to engage with the characters, themes of the book, and morals. Students can choose from tons of different stories, they can read it to themselves, or it can be narrated to them. And interacting with the characters and the story itself brings the engagement and understanding of the story to a whole new level.

This would be a great inclusion tool in the classroom, for students who needed extra help after reading through the story on their own, or for students who struggle with reading comprehension.