Its abbreviation is TN, and it is The Volunteer state. It is located near Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. It was a state on June 1, 1796. The capital is Nashville.
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Fact 1. Climate

The state has warm summers and mild winters, because it is near the equator were it is most hot.

Fact.2 Tourist attraction

Fair Field Glade is a beautiful place to golf. It is best to go there in the summer, when it is most pretty and good to golf
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Fact 3. Products

A agricultural product is cashews and a manufactured product is Chemicals, and Electric equipment, and a mining product is ball clay.
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Fact 4. An interesting fact

Tennessee won its name in the war of 1812 when the volunteer soldiers from Tennessee displayed marked in the battle of New Orleans.

Fact 5. A fascinating fact and more

Tennessee has an area 42,146 square miles and 109,158 people live there. Also well known land marks are Peabody Hotel and Bell Witch Cave. And Texas, California, Florida, and Missouri.