Population Growth Human Migration

By Sam Walker

Why is this a issue?

This is a major global issue because when you have population growing at a big rate eventually you will feel crowded and uncomfortable or running out of food in the super market because of all the consumers. It leads you to one thing to do... Migrate

But where?

Even in the U.S. we have a problem emerging because in big cities like New York City there is a lot of people there and only more are coming there is about a rate of 4 babies born every second while only about 2 humans die per second.

How can we stop this?

One way of stoping this problem would be to cut down on how many children you can have, But nobody wants that to happen or coming up with some sort of tech that fits all our needs with even more consumers, But i think this might be the best idea. We could be more fuel efficient then have more farms for more efficiency.
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