African Kingdoms

By: Travis Scott

The Kingdom Of Ghana

Location: Upper Niger River valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the West African Coast.

Government: Ghana was ruled by strong kings that ruled without law and depended on an army of thousands to enforce them.

Economy: Economy was based on trading gold and eventually Ivory, Ostrich feathers, hides and slaves.

Collapse: The kingdom ended in the 1100s because of wars that weakened them.

The Kingdom of Mali

Location: The Atlantic Coast, but it extends far inland to the famous city of Timbuktu.

Government: Had a strong government ruled by Sundiata Keita and later Mansa Musa.

Economy: Made their economy based on trade of gold, salt, grains, sorghum, millet and rice.

Collapse: Collapsed in 1359 by a civil war that divided Mali.

The Kingdom Of Songhai

Location: Loved along the Niger River

Government: Ruled by a man named Kossi and Sunni Ali and Muhammed Ture

Economy: Conquered many areas which gave them control over trade.

Collapse: Near the end of the 16th century Songhai was occupied by forces of Morroco.