Medieval Europe

Fashion of the upper class and how it has changed

History of fashion

The Dresses

Medieval European women's dresses were very tight to show their elegance and were many different layers. They had cloaks on their head also. Their dresses consisted of two tunics and a veil of drapery which was thrown over the head and covered their face which meant covering the entire neck

Present Day Fashion

In present day fashion Americans do not dress as formally as people in Europe. In churches now you have to have your knees and shoulders covered. Slacks, Skirts and Shirts and other clothing are black brown and white in Europe now. In Europe now scarves, necklaces, bracelets and shoes are worn and men also wear more jeans and button down shirts. Linen and light cotton in summer and wools in the winter.

Future Day Fashion

In the future there will be many upgrades to fashion. Some upgrades will be 3d makeup printers, makeup apps and using your iPhone to make foundation tones. Also in the future when you go to a salon to get something done your experience will be more luxurious and there will be waterproof cosmetics
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