Southridge High School Newsletter

March 2017

Students of the Month


Hospitality Award

The SHS Athletic Department has been named a winner of the 2017 Southwest Indiana Officials Association: HOSPITALITY AWARD!

This is the 11th year the Raiders have received this honor!

Congratulations to our athletes / coaches / and fans - we are proud of the way you represent the Ridge!!!!!

Juniors vs. Seniors Basketball Game

Seniors win!!
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Parent Meeting/Open House

Please put April 19th on your calendar for our yearly Parent Meeting/Open house for the programs listed below. The meeting will take place at 6 eastern time. This is a mandatory meeting for students and parents to attend. I realize we may have a few conflicts and we will work through those when the time comes. Thanks

Pike Central Welding 1

Pike Central Precision Machine 1

Pike Central Criminal Justice

Computer Technology at VUJC

Health Science (HOSA) at Jasper

Radio and TV at Jasper

C.N.A at Jasper

Automotive Technology at Southride

Culinary Arts at NE Dubois

Mr. Schank's class disecting a pig's heart

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Foreign Language Academic Bowl

Five students from the Spanish 3-4 classes competed in the Foreign Language Academic Bowl Competition at USI on Thursday, March 16th with 14 other high schools and tied for 5th place. The entire competition and the twenty questions were asked in the target language and were focused on areas of advanced grammar as well as the culture of the Andean region countries of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. In anticipation of this event, these five students dedicated their time to prepare in and out of the classroom by researching the Andean countries and reviewing their grammar concepts.

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HS Band Performance Dates

March 23 Elementary schools tour

April 8 ISSMA Organization Festival @ Floyd Central HS

April 23 Spring Concert @ 3PM Auditorium

Unified Track

Unified track and field is an ISHAA sport combined with Special Olympics. Both general education and special education students participate in the practices and meets. It will be every Tuesday and Thursday 3:30-4:30. They will have three regular season track meets and then a sectional, regional, and state meet. You CAN be on the SHS track and field team, as well as the Unified team, but CANNOT be on both sectional rosters. The events held at a meet are the 100, 400,4x100 relay, long jump, and shot put.

Champions Together Convocation

Big image - Information from the Crisis Connection

We at the Crisis Connection are all about serving our community & have heard loud

and clear from adults that they are appreciative of any assistance/support in enriching

family life. We have began using & sharing a free online resource that is an exciting

tool to help strengthen relationships through shared activities –

Search Institute’s ParentFurther!

Through ParentFurther, mentoring adults can:

• Learn about It—See what research says about relationships, strengths, and challenges in families with children and youth.

• Check It—Families can use quizzes to assess how their family is doing in building relationships and tackling challenges.

• Talk about it—Parents can start meaningful conversations with their kids, building on

what they find in the quiz.

• Try it—Parents can engage in meaningful activities with their children to explore issues and bring them closer together.

• Track It—Families can use an online profile to keep track of the quizzes and the activities they have done so far.

• Take It Further—Families can create plans for how they want to keep moving forward toward goals, despite any setbacks.



The Developmental Assets® are 40 research-based, positive experiences and qualities that influence young people’s development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adult.


FFA District Leadership Contest Results

1st Place Winners - Will advance to State

- Ashley Sutton - Essay

- Camden Cooper - Talent

- Blake Lindauer - Goat Production Proficiency

- Justin Lammers - Diversified Ag Production Proficiency

3rd Place Winners

- Misty Merter, Trever Patberg - Multimedia Scrapbook

- Tristan Brown, Misty Merter, Trever Patberg - Exhibit

- Grace Sickbert, Owen Kinker, Josh Braunecker, Alec Deno - Quiz Bowl

4th Place Winners

- Grace and Owen Kinker - Plant and Soil Science Demo

- Tristan Brown and Masen Cooper - Ag Mechanics Demo

- Max Sermersheim - Traditional Scrapbook

- Max Sermersheim and Lilia Payne - Ag Business Demo

- Blake Lindauer - Extemporaneous Public Speaking


SHS BPA did an outstanding job at our State Conference.

We had 45 student representatives competing in over 70 competitions.

The following Students qualified for BPA National Leadership Conference in Orland

Christian Motteller 1st in 2 events

Nathan Bromm 1st

Owen Roy 1st

Justin Reed 4th

Paige Meyer 4th

Tucker Schank - 3rd

Logan Seger - 1st

Grant Maxey - 2nd

Isaac Englert - 4th

The following will be going to NLC:

Christian Motteler - 1st in 2 events for the second year

Nathan Bromm - 1st in Adv. Word

Justin Reed - 4 in Personal Finance

Owen Roy - 1st in Intermidate Word

Paige Meyer - 4th in SQL

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Rusty Clayton visited Southridge this month to speak to the members of our Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. Rusty is a former college football player and now a leader of YoungLife and WyldLife in Dubois County. He talked about his professional, personal, and spiritual journey through life. He loved it here on the Ridge. He is looking forward to working with Southridge in the coming years, as YoungLife and WyldLife have plans to expand their ministry reach into Huntingburg for this year and beyond. YoungLife and WyldLife are Christian outreach programs aimed at helping students to come to know Jesus Christ.

Spine Crackers (Book Club)

We just finished our latest book, Before I Fall and then followed it up by seeing the movie that was just released and a visit to Barnes and Noble.
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Media Center NEWS

National Library Week

In celebration of National Library Week we will have a GAME DAY in the library on Friday, April 7th. Teachers will be invited to bring their classes down to play various games set up all over the library. It's just a fun way to celebrate the library and books!! We will also have the BOGO Book Fair set up the week of April 10th-14th. :)

Buy One, Get One Free Book Fair

The BOGO Book Fair will be set up in the media center and open to all students and staff all day on April 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th (am only). Students may visit the fair in the morning before school, during study hall, at lunch, or during English class. Stop by to check it out and get some great deals on books! :)

Library Displays

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Virtual Reality Goggles
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Need a book recommendation???

Check out the following website to find a good book for you. Simply type in the title or author's name of a book you've liked and similar books will be recommended.

Homework Hotline

The Homework Hotline is ready to provide free help to students in math and science. Our tutors are trained Rose-Hulman students, available Sunday-Thursday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (EST) to take student calls (1-877-Ask-Rose), chats and emails.

Many resources are available at

World Book Online-

The Huntingburg Public Library's World Book subscription has recently become more user friendly for both students and teachers. As of last week, the subscription is now open to anyone with the universal user name/password and a library card number is NO LONGER required.

For access to World Book Online and the Huntingburg Public Library subscription, type in a browser or access from your preferred method. At home, type in the above and enter:

USER NAME: huntingburg