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Communist State


11,031,433 (July 2015 est.)

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Largest Exports ($1.74B in 2014)

  1. Sugar: US$428.5 million (18.6% of total Cuban exports)
  2. Oil:$336.5 million (14.6%)
  3. Tobacco:$242.8 million (10.5%)
  4. Nickel:$210.7 million (9.1%)
  5. Beverages:$135.6 million (5.9%)
  6. Pharmaceuticals:$107.6 million (4.7%)
  7. Iron and steel:$70.5 million (3.1%)
  8. Fish:$46.9 million (2%)
  9. Wood:$38.8 million (1.7%)
  10. Copper:$36.1 million (1.6%)
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LArgest Imports (5.91B in 2014)

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Cuban Convertible Peso

1CUC =

CAD 1.31 EUR 0.89 GBP 0.69 USD 1.00 MXN 18.4

CUP 26.5 AUD 1.39 NOK 8.35 CHF 0.99

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Weighing the benefits of tade.


1. Cuba has not met the US government’s conditions on the lifting of the trade ban.

2. Cuba has always been known to respond to easing up of restrictions with aggression.


1. The rest of the world is against it.

2. Experts believe it is ineffective.

Cuba has been trading with Europe, Canada and Latin America for decades now, but these nations have not really enjoyed the political and economic benefits that the opponents of the lifting of the embargo would produce. Instead, the Castro government continues to receive the gains that their existing commercial and economic relationships with these countries have brought about.