The False Prince

Written by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Published by Scholastic Incorporation

ISBN: 9780545392495

Genre: Historical Fiction


  • Finalist for the E.B. White Read Aloud Award
  • Winner of the 2013 Middle Grade Fiction Award
  • Nominated for The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award
  • Finalist for the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award


Sage is a mischievous orphan boy who consistently gets into trouble. He is taken and purchased from a regent of the Carthyan Court whose name is Bevin Conner. He is recruited to deceit the entire Carthyan court by creating a 'false' prince. Sage is one out of four orphan boys who are competing to be the prince of Carthya. Sage and the other boys are taken to Connors residence which is called Farthenwood. The candidates train at Farthenwood to become reasonable to present to be the possible, long-lost prince of Carthya. He must surpass the others in their training but things do not go so well for him because of how stubborn and hard headed he is which is tremendously hurting himself. Sage has to go through intense training and regimen. There are lots of deception and lies as the plan unfolds. Sage has his own plan going on, but so does everyone else. Secrets can not be held anymore and someone will get into trouble. Find out what happens when you read The False Prince.

The False Prince is an extraordinary book because it is filled with deception, lies, and suspense. The book takes place in medieval times so some of the language used in the book is different than what ordinary people would use today. The author has only one character's point of view so you aren't able to know what other characters are feeling and thinking as the story progresses. This novel definitely made me not want to put the book down because the chapters are always leave you at the end with so much suspense! The book made me actually feel like I was apart of the action and I was not aware of the world outside the book. The author does an excellent job of portraying a medieval time and making it actual feel like it was many, many years ago. I would recommend this book to pretty much anyone because I feel like this book is fit for all ages. This book definitely brought to light how you must be brave in any situation and showed how you must never let fear corrupt you.

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