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Health Care

What are the pros/cons of government- funded healthcare programs?


-Cause people to develop anxiety, depression, sickness and stress.

- Rise in taxes because these programs can sometimes be expensive causing our economy to go into a deeper debt than we are already in.

- Longer wait- time for people with serious illness who need specific treatment.


-People who are not able to afford the proper healthcare are able to get the care that they need by the help of the government.

-Its making hospitals become more efficient and figure out new ways to handle and treat different diseases.

- Will eliminate the duplicates of paperwork and will also eliminate the same papers and claims you have to fill out every time you go to the doctors.

Our Stand on the Issue?

- Our party’s stance on this issue is to make getting government-funded healthcare a little harder to get because there are people out there who get this help and then end up abusing and making the people who pay for them to have this help pay more because they are abusing it whenever they do not need it. By making is a more difficult to be able to be a part of government-funded healthcare programs, the fraud percentage will go down and the percentage of people getting the help they need will go up.