Subhaan Interview Night

Mohammed Subhaan Ghauri

Language :)

-On writing I want to learn how to spell properly and read properly

-I am trying to read and write to get my spelling better

-I need to improve on my accuracy when reading

- By the time I am done the first term I will learn how to do paragraphs'

Reading :)

-I have read some book so far

-I know how to understand a book by the level and the pictures give me a good image about the story

-I need to work on my level of reading. I am level M in Raz Kids and will try reading every night until I am at level O

Science :)

-I have learned 4 things about living things and more but i will be with 4 for now because I have leaned much more and this maybe will get boring

1) The 5 Kingdoms

2) Vertabrates

3) Invertebrates

4) Endangerment of some animals

Math :)

In Math I have learned how to do Box multiplication,rounding,division,decimals,%, writing standard form and expanded form, long division and short division and much more.


-In art I have made sketches of an animal but made it look like it was sad so it would be touching. Now we are making art on Styrofoam about a book called Trupp.


learning skills

-I am good at working alone because I mostly like doing stuff by myself

-The skill I need to work on is responsibility because sometimes I bring back my homework late


-This is me in the lab in my custom

So that is the stuff we are doing in this class