Tropical Rain Forest

Congo Basin

Facts about the Congo Basin

The Congo Basin is a tropical rain forest in Central Africa. This rain forest stretches across 6 countries. The Congo Basin is considered the Green heart of Africa. In the Congo Basin, there are about 10,000 species of tropical plants and 30% is unique to the region. Many elephants,bonobos,chimpanzees, and lowland and mountain gorillas live here in this forest. 400 of the species are mammals,1000 are birds and 700 are fish. Not only is the Congo Basin home to animals but humans live here. The Congo Basin provides fresh food,fresh water and shelter for over 76 million people. On each leaf, there is drops of rain to help people determine that it is a rain forest.

Where is the Congo Basin located?

The Congo Basin is located in Central Africa. The Congo Basin is a tropical rain forest. This tropical rain forest spans across 6 countries; Cameroon, Central African Republic,Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Organism adaptations

The adaptations of the organisms are dense and moist. African-oak, red cedar and mahogany. All of these trees have leaves and stand 40 meters above the ground. Lianas and ficus are strangler figs climb into the tree to signal more sunlight through the trees. Dead material is usually decomposed and used for nutrients in the soil. Many animals live on the rain forest as well.

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Dominant plant / vegetation

The Dominant plant / vegetation in this biome are:

Meteorological elements

The meteorological elements that impact the characteristics of this biome is humid weather. The reason for such humidity is due to the fact that there is a great amount of rain fall here in the tropical rain forest. There is an average of 250 cm per year. Since the tropical rain forest is always warm and humid, it holds a lot of rain.

Abiotic factors

The Abiotic factors that impact this biome range from the amount of water, warm climate, sunlight and soil nutrients. The tropical rain forest needs this because it helps it to stay alive as well as all the plants and animals that live there. Without the right amount of sunlight and precipitation, the forest will die out.

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Check out these videos / podcasts about the Central African Congo Basin

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