Silk Road

Gregory Almodovar


The Silk Road is over 7,000 Kilometers and stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the South China Sea and from the Indian to Arctic oceans. The climate can range anywhere from hot to cold because of its location. All across the Silk Road, there are mountain ranges and deserts that come across it.

Types of Goods Traded

Goods Traded on the Silk Road

  • Silk
  • Iron
  • Weapons
  • Paper
  • Grain
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Spices


The main route of the Silk Road went through China, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, and towards the east part of Europe.

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Life of the Silk Road

I am a traveler on the Silk Road and trade many goods. I have many different types of clothing from the silk I trade for many different climates. As i travel from country to country, some routes are cold and some are very warm so i am always prepared. Traveling can be somewhat difficult because you always need something to trade.