The method that allows seawater to be made into freshwater


-high pressured pumps

-slow pumps

-diminutive size drainers

(all underneath the sea)

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Negative Effects of Desalination to the World


-Desalination takes water from the sea, meaning this decreases the population of fish

Positive Effects of Desalination to the World


-Since some areas water supply of water is scarce desalination is needed to supply people without water with water

- Since there is only 1% of drinkable fresh water in the world, creating more water for humans to drink is good for their bodies

-The environmental impacts of desalination are considered critical on account of emissions form energy consumption and discharge of brine into the sea

Interesting Facts

-Desalination costs $2000.00 for an acre foot

- I feel this water tastes terrible

-The salinity of the Dead Sea allows swimmers to float

Where You Can Find Out More Info.

-Australian Government


-National Center of Excellence in Desalination

-Youtube "Drinking from the Sea"

-Grade.8 textbook

-Scientific American

Process of Desalination

Step 1: To protect the Marine Eco System Water is pumped at a speed that is 3 times slower than a fish swims. This water is now filtered to remove any particles, such as sand.

Step 2: After this stage only molecules and salt remain, the salt water is then sent through an astonishingly high pressured "pump"

Step 3: 2L of salt = 1L of normal water, the water gets distributed to taps.