The Northeast Region

By: Katie

The States

New England States:

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont & Rhode Island.

Mid-Atlantic States;

New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware & New Jersey.


There is a lot of farming going on in the Northeast. Massachusetts is known for growing grapes and cranberries. Also, Maine is known for it's potatoes and making maple syrup. In addition, the Northeast grows blueberries, apples & raises dairy cows.


In the Northeast they mine for a lot of thing for a lot of reasons. For example, the mine for granite and marble to make kitchen counters. Also, Cole,Iorn & limestone are used to make bridges, buildings & roads.


Some of the most common jobs in the Northeast are farming and the government. Farmers grow plants and raise animals. The government is the home of the president. Other common jobs include mining and coning. Coners produce cloth and clothing. Miners search rocks to make all sorts of stuff.


Some of the landformes in the Northeast are the Atlantic ocean and the Catskill mountains. Also, there are Niagara falls and a large land of waterfall that stretches into Canada.


Climate in the Northeast varies, summers are hot and winters are cold like 5 degrees cold! It snows in the winter, rains in the summer. So the climate is all over the place I guess you could call it.