Rock and Roll Flyer: ABBA

Abigail Albright

The origins of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues....

  • The roots of Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues is complex, and it formed over a period of time with the influence of several music artists. It started with influence from Black music, but with white faces put to it. Even then, there were still well known black artists such as Fats Domino, known for his piano playing skills and voice. The music genre is especially popularized with highly popular Elvis Presley entered the scene, and took the hearts of many teens. From there, many artists continued the tradition of Rock and Roll.
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How has ABBA changed Rock and R&B forever?

  • ABBA is a swedish band from the 70-80s and their swedish music permanently impacted future pop and rhythm and blues music. Swedish music, including ABBA, dominates the charts worldwide (especially in europe). Even modern songs often has swedish songwriters behind them.

What makes ABBA so irresistible?

  • ABBA’s main appeal is its extremely catchy songs with a touch of classic swede melancholy. The band mixed rhythm and blues, swedish style, as well influences from other popular bands they liked such as the beatles, to create an incredibly appealing song style. ABBA’s popularity got revived when there was a musical, and later a movie based around ABBA’s music came out in 2008.

Why is ABBA still so popular?

  • ABBA’s popularity was most recently sparked by the hit Musical “Mama Mia” that highlighted some of the Band’s biggest hits. The musical also had a movie adaptation with well known actor Meryl Streep playing one of the lead roles.

Top Hits

  • Some of the most popular ABBA songs, of course includes Mamma Mia, as well as Dancing Queen, Chiquitita, Waterloo, Winner Takes All, Super Trouper, and many others.


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