To Kill a Mocking Bird

Book By: Harper Lee

Theme 1: To Kill a Mocking Bird

The book only relates to it's title very few time in the book. We first hear the title when Jem and Scout are shooting their BB guns. They are told that Mocking Birds do good and make music. Well as we go on the trial happens and ___ is sent of to jail. When he is there he tries to escape. He supposedly tries climbing over the fence and was shot 17 times. Well ___ didn't rape Mayoella. It was an easy way out for her other than the truth that she would have to face being a "nigger lover," called in this time frame. ___ was a Mocking Bird because he did favors for Mayoella and in a way put the blame on him because he was an easy target.

Theme 2: Strength

There is quite an amount of strength in this novel. Lets start with Mrs. Dubose. She kicked a morphine addiction. Addictions are hard to kick! The strength to do that is quite fanonimal. Acticus also had great strength. He brought his kids up different than what other people were doing. He was showing them how to be strong. He also defended black man in court when other white people thought that he should just give up. That just wasn't his style. Also the kids had strength as kids. They wen't to the Radly place, and seeking out to check on Atticus. After their attack at the end of the book showed them how to really be strong.