Life Trought The Lends

By: Joionna Brown

Life Through The Lends

Shoot Candadly

Five year old Serenity Tate was caught of guard by mom Daniel Tate. This image was captured January 28th. Daniel said "Moments like these are the ones that we should capture and cherish, because the little moments like these last for a split second and later are worth 1000 words".

Looking off The Camera

September 11, 2015 Marisa Childish capture an image of her smiling and looking out into the light. She states "Today we live in memory of all that died on 9/11". She claims that the sunshine indicates the memories of loved ones that are no longer here.

Focus Upon One Body Part

July 4th, 2014. Sixteen year old Bobby Jackson created a worldwide message just by using the clothes on his body. If you look at the words on his T shirt they say "Respect Earned", and although it may not seem like much bobby says" It sends out respect for our independence, and all who have died for our flag". And from this image alone respect was earned.

Alter Your Perspective

"life is to short to always be down, so that's why I try my best to stay on top". Quotes Henery Holmes. Henery says that we should enjoy life as it is, because once its gone all we have are memories, and we should try our best to make the best of thoughts.

Intorducing Props

February 14 on Valentines day Arianna Laney takes a picture stating. "I think valentines day is overrated, love should be expressed thought out the year rather than having its own day for all the boys who decide to love and cherish your girlfriend/boyfriend on this particular day it is petty and valentines day can bite me". Arianna says although Valentines is a beautiful day she does not have the heart to accept the fact that it should be a real thing, she says although she does not celebrated she has no hatred toward the holiday but still consider it a regular day.