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Week of April 21-25

Our Week at a Glance

April 21 - 25 Review Summative evaluation

April 22 - STAAR Math/Closed Campus

April 23 - STAAR Reading/Closed Campus

April 24 - Closed Campus/Jennifer attends TAC

April 25 - Early Release/K-8 Math TEKS module (see below)

Where are Kristen and Kathleen this week?

Kristen & Kathleen are on campus all week. YEAH!

Kristen's Quote of the Week

STAAR Testing

Thank you to all of our 3rd & 4th grade teachers and the many other grade level teachers for their hard work & dedication in the preparation for our STAAR test on Tuesday & Wednesday. The students of Keller-Harvel are going to shine brighter than ever this year. You all are the BEST, most CARING, and ENTHUSIASTIC group of teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Please be sure and add to your Grade Level newsletters

Weekly Math Message

Casey's Kids Fun Run is this Saturday, April 26

Parent Letter about Class Placement due May 2

Don't forget to vote on May 10th

Next Coffee Talk w/ Kristen is May 19 from 8:00 - 9:00

Summative Evaluations

All classroom teachers, specialists, and co-curr teachers should be receiving their summative evaluation by the end of the day on Monday, April 21st. Jenni will begin scheduling conferences beginning Monday, April 28. You may waive your conference by simply sending me an email or writing a note stating such.

Extra Curricular Opportunities for Kids

Chess Club in 2014-2015 (UPDATE)

We have been asked by Dr. Reid to participate in a 2 year chess program for our 2nd & 3rd graders. The time commitment is only one hour per week during the school day. Teachers would be provided with a video that would give a brief lesson so there is little to no prep work for teachers. There are online tournaments available against other campuses in Texas. Benefits for students include self control, higher level thinking, concentration, stamina, social interaction, and cognitive growth. Campuses participating this school year in KISD have enjoyed it so much they have coordinated a chess tournament at the administration building. There is no cost to do this.

2nd & 3rd grade teachers will need to let me know your thoughts about putting this together next year...

Spanish Club in 2014-2015

We are planning to host an after-school Spanish Club next school year on Tuesday afternoons. There will be a total of 20 sessions. Once everything is finalized, we will share with our familes.

Curriculum & Instruction updates

Model VESTED Lesson Writing

Opportunities will be become available for you this Spring to earn money for each VESTED lesson written. Prior to participating you will need to attend an overview session on May 19th or 28th from 4:00 - 5:00 or 4:30 - 5:30. Lessons are written at your convenience and will then be due by June 19th. More information will be sent out soon from C & I.

Curriculum - what to expect

Cleaning up Eduphoria - the DSOs will be completely removed from Forethought.

Math - moved around based on TEKS updates

ELA, Science, Social Studies - minor tweaks based on previous teacher feedback and feedback received during curriculum writing.

The Scope & Sequence will be ready by June 6, 2014.

Job Opportunities

If you are interested in working this summer at the KISD Summer School, please be sure to turn in your application no later than May 9, 2014. An email was sent out on April 9th from Communications regarding what forms to use and who to send it to. You can also click on the title "Summer School" above to gain access to this same form.

Students for Summer School

We have not received any information yet regarding the process for recommending students for summer school. As soon as we have more information, we will let you know. In the meantime, be thinking about your Tier 3 students who might benefit from attending Summer School.

Preparing for 14-15

Master Schedule

I will plan to "hang out" in the PD room on Monday, May 19th for anyone that would like to come share thoughts on the master schedule for next year. The new team leaders and I will review all suggestions at our Team Leader Retreat on May 22nd and then help with getting teacher conference and lunch times set. Your feedback is important and will help with the decision as to who has what conference time.

Parent Letter (UPDATE)

We have always invited parents to send in a separate letter indicating characteristics for us to consider for class placement. The letter that went home on Tuesday had a section copied on the back for this opportunity. Don't forget to remind your parents to have these forms turned in by Friday, May 2.

Teacher Preparation for Class Rosters - UPDATE

A new process will be in place for when you and your team to help place students on class rosters for next year. We will submit all rosters electronically on an Excel spreadsheet. This will allow us to easily sort students by gender, programs, tiers, etc. Pink and blue sheets will be in the same format as last year. We will get those forms out to grade levels soon.

Professional Development

New K-8 Math TEKS Module scheduled on Friday for all Math Teachers

A one-hour professional development module has been created to support the new K-8 Math TEKS for the 2014-2015 school year. All KHES Math teachers will be participating in this PD the afternoon of April 25th from 1:30 - 2:30 in the PD room.

Professional Development Catalog

You are encouraged to take as many updates as you can over the summer. The Summer Professional Development Catalog is now availabe for you. Updates/trainings required: 6 hour GT, Sheltered Instruction, and HAZCOM, PDAS Refresher. Go to the following link to view what is available to you.

Sharing Time

Come do amazing things! Email me a picture/video and a short description of something you would like to share.


Board Election

As you probably know, there is an upcoming school board election. I strongly encourage those of you that live within the KISD boundaries to educate yourself on the candidates and make plans to vote. I’m attaching a link to a recent article from the Keller Citizen with information about each candidate and what they hope to accomplish if elected. Be informed and please VOTE!

The 2014 Board of Trustees Election will be held with the Spring General Elections. Early Voting runs April 28-May 6, and Election Day is May 10.

Fun Incentives for Casey's Kids Fun Run...share with your students

Mark your calendar for the Casey’s Kids Fun Run in Bear Creek Park on April 26. Proceeds benefit the Casey’s Kids fund in KISD. Funds are distributed by campus counselors as they become aware of needs. We are now collecting coins! PTA will place containers for each grade level in the main foyer. Bring $5 on a Friday during the month of April and you can wear your pajamas to school! Bring $1 on a Friday during April and you can wear a hat or flip flops to school!

Casey's Kids Fun Run Facts

Many of our parents are unsure what Casey's Kids is all about. Here are some facts about the race this year.
  • This race will be a true 5K. There will be Chip Time for the more competitive runners. Runners start at 7:30 & Walkers begin at 7:50
  • There will be a "Munchkin Mile" run for our youngest up and coming runners
  • Shuttle service from Bear Creek Intermediate School
  • Funds are distributed through our campus counselors as they become aware of needs.
  • A majority of the time, the families in need do NOT ask for help. Most often, contact is initiated by one of our counselors.
  • This program doesn't just serve our economically disadvantaged families. Some of our KISD families suffer from life changing events (divorce, death of a spouse, house fire, etc.) and need a hand from time to time.
  • This program is a one-time helping hand for students in need in KISD. ALL funds brought in are kept LOCALLY and serve only our Keller ISD families!
  • Please invite our families to join on Facebook!